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Le Delicieux EDP

Le Delicieux EDP

Brand Nejma
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    Brand Nejma
    Product Description

    Le Delicieux EDP by Nejma

    Concentration: Eau de Parfum

    Size: 100 ml

    Product Description:

    Le Delicieux EDP is a luxurious Floral scent that opens with fresh citrus and aromatic florals. It is a stylish and elegant perfume for women who appreciate feminine scents. A deliciously gorgeous aroma that is sumptuous and voluptuous, Le Delicieux is a delicacy that the senses long to indulge in. Le Delicieux by Nejma is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Le Delicieux was launched during the 2010. A subtle, honest and pure woman, fused with the legendary energy of Nejma's creations. The new Le Delicieux edp by Nejma, is a floral scent filled with soft and luxurious.

    Invite yourself on a delightful journey through the French countryside, decorated with wild flowers and dancing under a bright light, as you inhale the fresh breeze of Le Delicieux EDP by Nejma. Floral notes from Patchouli, Citruses, White Orchid, Caramel and Amber create the ambiance of a warm Summer's night. Vanilla and Jasmine Sambac add an air of romance and happiness to it, while a soft base of Italian Iris and Damask Rose leaves behind a hint of mystery. The final result of this great endeavor is Le Delicieux EDP by Nejma, a sensual and absolutely irresistible perfume.

    Presenting Le Delicieux EDP by Nejma, a fresh floral fragrance for women from the house of Nejma which combines fresh and floral fragrances to create a light and feminine scent that is perfect for the summer season. Made in Tunis with the finest ingredients, this Eau de Parfum is an explosion of precious and rich ingredients. It envelops you in gentle yet captivating notes that seduce, surprise and keep you spellbound. The unique fragrance, soft as a caress, is powerful and charismatic. The elegance is never pompous while the temptation is bewitching. 

    Key Notes:

    • Floral Notes, Patchouli, Citruses, White Orchid, Caramel, Amber, Vanilla, Jasmine Sambac, Damask Rose, Italian Iris

    About The Brand:

    Nejma is the collection of oriental perfumes inspired by a fairytale about a wonderful woman, NEJMA , and a royal man. The fairytale speaks about love and hate, about devotion and betrayal. The international brand for perfume is feminine, fresh and sexy. he scents are based on an array of notes and accords that create heady and sensual olfactory stories.

    Nejma, a new niche perfumery was founded by one of the most seasoned noses in the fragrance industry, Lisa Marie Bischoff. Each scent interprets the story of seven daughters of Nejma in a different way to evoke stories of love, romance, sensuality and mystery. Inspired by classic era Arabian tales with twenty first century scents and textures, the collection features original olfactory compositions inspired by retro floral and citrus scents with a mix of spices and resins that create nuances of depth and intrigue, each with its own story.

    Vegan perfumes. Perfumery art conceived in different ways. Inspired by the Arab arabesque stories of the heroine 'Vezira' (Arabic for Nejma) and her seven daughters, this collection of seven fragrances interprets its poetry in different ways: 'Seductress', 'Intelligent', 'Dynamic', 'Fantasy', 'Romantic', 'Curious' and 'Mystery'. It is a collection of fragrant poems with no fixed form, open to all concepts relating to perfumery, as well as to the fantasy and imagination of those who read it.