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Makeup remover has that perfect role to clean your face when long wearing of makeup during the day, choo Show more

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  1. Real Techniques
    Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
    KWD 6.000
  2. Kiss
    Lip And Eye Makeup Remover
    KWD 3.750
  3. Micellar Lotion Cleanser And Make-Up Remover
    Out of Stock
  4. Cetaphil
    Gentle Makeup Remover
    KWD 5.600
  5. Wet n Wild
    Eye Makeup Remover
    KWD 3.500
  6. Cantabria Labs
    Endocare Hydractive Make Up Remover
    KWD 9.100
  7. Klapp Cosmetics
    Clean & Active Eye Makeup Remover
    KWD 12.850
  8. Sensai
    Silky Purifying Cleansing Balm
    KWD 21.250
  9. Sensai
    Silky Purifying Gentle Make-Up Remover
    KWD 13.500
  10. Sensai
    Ultimate The Cleansing Oil
    KWD 48.500
  11. Bioderma
    Sensibo H2O Eye
    KWD 3.650
  12. ISIS Pharma
    Aqua Ruboril Make-up Remover Solution
    As low as KWD 3.250
  13. ISIS Pharma
    Secalia Balm
    As low as KWD 9.700
  14. ISIS Pharma
    Secalia Ultra Emollient Milk
    As low as KWD 11.450
  15. ISIS Pharma
    Neotone Aqua Make-up Remover Solution
    KWD 7.150
  16. ISIS Pharma
    Sensylia Aqua Make-up Remover Solution
    KWD 3.250
  17. Bioderma
    Hydrabio H2O
    KWD 5.750

Items 1-20 of 32

Set Descending Direction

Buy Online the Best  Makeup Remover Products 

Everyone loves great makeup and when it's all over what they love is a clean, safe and friendly makeup remover product. It doesn’t matter if it is just a foundation, concealer or some compact powder, once you get home all you want to feel is just your natural self. And a makeup remover is your best friend to get this done.


Going to bed with your makeup on is never safe. It can result in clogged pores, those annoying pimples, skin inflammation and irritation and also to even free radical reactions. That is why you need to invest in a makeup remover. There are several advantages in investing in a great makeup remover product. It can add great value to your cleansing rituals and that too at a very nominal cost. Makeup removers not only remove the makeup but it also removes the oil, dirt and other infinite impurities that must have settled in with your skin when your makeup was on. They are  a simple way to get very clear and fresh skin every night.


Types of makeup remover at Klinq:

A makeup remover gently breaks down all your makeup layers, all those long eyeliners, waterproof mascaras, lipsticks, etc.  Now at Klinq online store we offer you a wide choice of the best removers of the world.  And it comes in a variety of types viz. are: makeup remover wipes, eye makeup remover pads, makeup remover oils, cleansers and eye makeup remover lotions. 

Makeup Remover Wipes
At Klinq you can shop for award-winning makeup remover wipes from brands like Avene , Real Techniques, Kiss, etc. Ideal for most of the skin types and coming in a variety of formulas, all you need to do is apply it with confidence. And it will leave no makeup residue for you to worry about. Wipes do not need a rising with water and hence its a anytime anywhere use product.

Eye Makeup Removers

Young girls and ladies often worry about their eye makeup removers. Klinq has for them a very choicy collection of removers, that will pacify their concerns. Wet n Wild, Kiss and many other brands in our online shop’s product portfolio are very well known for their perfect eye makeup removing capabilities. They will leave no greasy residue, are safe for sensitive eyes and even contact lens users. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball, wipe or pad and simply clean it off. Many of our products for the eye contain cucumber and aloe vera extracts that keeps your eye hydrated and soothing.


Makeup Remover cleansers

Now there is also a collection of makeup remover cleansers for men and women that does double the duty of foaming to clear the skin of any traces of makeup substance at the end of the day.



  1. Can I remove makeup naturally?

  2. Yes you can remove makeup naturally as well. Almond oils, jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc are good makeup removers, but they leave that oily texture which then you will have to wash off with a soap or face wash. So better get it in one single product as makeup removers.


Q.What is the safest makeup remover?

  1. The safety of any product depends on the kind of substances used in it. So look for ingredients that you are allergic to and then decide on your product. 


So, we hope you are ready to now add to cart those Klinq collection of makeup removers and from our side we guarantee you a 100% express delivery at your doorstep. And all this at the best prices you can get online. Happy Shopping.


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