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Watches for women in Kuwait

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  1. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GA-100B-4A
    KWD 39.000
  2. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-S5600SK-7
    KWD 66.000
  3. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-S5600SB-1
    KWD 70.000
  4. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-S5600G-7
    KWD 65.000
  5. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMD-B800SC-1
    KWD 36.000
  6. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMD-B800-4
    KWD 36.000
  7. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMD-B800-1
    KWD 36.000
  8. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMA-S140NC-7A
    KWD 44.000
  9. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMA-S140NC-5A2
    KWD 44.000
  10. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GMA-S140NC-5A1
    KWD 44.000
  11. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-6900SCM-1
    KWD 78.000
  12. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-5600SCM-1
    KWD 70.000
  13. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-5600B-1
    KWD 67.000
  14. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch GM-110SCM-1A
    KWD 79.000
  15. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11652165
    KWD 42.000
  16. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11642164
    KWD 42.000
  17. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11632163
    KWD 54.000
  18. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11622162
    KWD 47.000
  19. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11612161
    KWD 56.000
  20. G-Shock
    Unisex Watch 11602160
    KWD 42.000

Items 1-20 of 406

Set Descending Direction

Shop for classy, smart watches for women online.

A watch is an important part of your personality. It gives you a professional and smart look. Watch is therefore a vital part of both men and women’s attire. Elevate the way you look with standard watches for women exclusively from the best makers. Klinq offers watches that have vintage touch to those which are absolutely modern and tech savvy in its build. All you need to do is pick your watch carefully and we will deliver it to you safely at your home. 

Ladies Watches That’s Worth a Try

Shop for contemporary watches for women at Klinq’s shop online. When you are trying to add style and vogue to your appearance, keep a tab on the new types of watches for sure. Here are the new trends to catch up:

  • Bracelet Watches
    Fashion designers love them as they are dressy and fuse well with clothes. There are many kinds of bracelet watches available in the market.Som have detailed links, others are basket weaved or have flats or some bead components like a precious jewelry piece. Milanese straps are also a trendy women’s watch in this segment with its origin in Milan. It fits easily on the wrist as it can flex like a leather strap. Easy to alter, it should be your first fashion choice.

  • Strap Watches
    Ladies and gentlemen who love the feel of natural leather or man made textiles will love strapped watches. The thing with strap watches is its wide variety hence selection. Greater choice means greater blend of fashion choice. Leathers from cow hide, with stylish prints from animals like rocs, lizards, alligators are of great demand in the market. The watches that cost more in this segment are usually true skin made watches. The price depends on the true skin and where on the skin the strap is cut from.  For non-violent, vegan fashion shoppers we also have hose faux leather made of 100% man made components. Stitching is another element of fashion in these strap watches. Contrast color threads, double layer, single layer threading, etc. forms an essential part of these women’s watches.

  • Diamond watches
    Diamonds are the most precious mineral as it is stunning to look on. Formed over geological processes that take hundreds of millions. Perfect for a romantic date with your partner or for a glitter photoshoot or even a high-class affair. The notable feature of these watches is that they are not easily destructible. Look for your favorite diamond watch by considering cut, clarity, color and carat. Exude luxury in your affairs with diamond dazzlers.

Klinq offers stylish watches for women. Our special collection of unisex watches are going to impress you like no other in Kuwait. Swipe on and choose from our collection your top pick. We understand the special need of a woman to effortlessly showcase their fashion statement. Jewelry watches for weddings, strap watches and smart watches for smart work-out. 

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