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Nail Polishes for Long and Beautiful Nails

Nail polishes are sassy, seductive, bold and the adjectives keep adding up. The polish you use for your nails has to blend in with your overall attire. Add colors that bring out the best, let them define your attitude and choice with confidence. Ladies choose a nail polish that is safe and in sync with your lipstick. All this and much more you can shop for at Klinq’s  online nail polish shop.

Types of Nail Polish You Need Everyday:

Nail polish can switch your look in a jiffy. A cool-toned polish or a reddish-gold glitter is enough to change the very theme or your overall appearance. You can choose from a variety of nail polishes like the ones we have described below:

  • Regular Nail Polish
    Nail polish which you get at every counter. The ones that give you a smooth and glossy finish. Use a base coat and then follow up with two more coats of nail polish and then a top coat to get the best results. If your nail is weak we recommend that you use a strengthening base coat. It helps the nail from chipping and breaking. Just remember one thing, don’t overdo the layers of coating. Also our nail polish drying tip is to wait for two minutes between every coat you apply. Cool air can warm nail polish faster than warm air so use a cool fan.

  • Matte Nail Polish
    Nail polish of this type is similar to regular ones but the difference is that it has no lustre. Also mate polish chips faster than glossy polish. So when using matte polish remember to skip the base coat because it helps to stick it longer. If you don’t want a matte nail polish but a matte look will do then you can simply use regular nail polishes and end it with a matte top coat.

  • Chrome Nail Polish
    Chrome nail polishes tend to be long-lasting than regular nail polishes. It gives your nails a stunning, metallic finish and that means you look more spicy with just your fingernails. When using chrome nail polish apply a clear base coat first, follow it up with one or two coats of  chrome and then finish with a shining top coat.

  • Glitter Nail Polish
    Glittering polishes always remind  you of those wedding parties, or festivals. To glitter is to celebrate and festivities are a great opportunity for that. It takes quite an effort to make it happen but these glittering transparent nail polishes are really worth the effort.  When applying them apply a base coat first, then follow it  up with two coats of glitter polish based on your outlook for opacity.

Shop for these and many other types of nail polishes at Klinq. Young girls, women, men and anyone who wants to style their nails can earn an express delivery along with at nominal cost online.


Q- How to remove the nail polishes that get on the skin?
A- A simple hack to remove the nail polish that gets on the skin is:  take a good amount of petroleum jelly with a cotton bud and then wipe around the nail. Once clean use a clean bud to wipe it off. It is effective against all kinds of nail polishes.

Q- I don’t want to use a matte nail polish but I need a matte look at the same time, what to do?
A- If you don’t want to use a matte nail polish but a matte look, then all you need to do is to apply regular nail polishes but end the session with a matte top coat.

Q- How to remove glitter nail polishes, they are so hard to remove?
A-The problem with glitter polish is that they are very adamant. It's almost impossible to peel them off. However, everything is easy with the right technique, And that is to soak a cotton ball in acetone and leave it on the top of the nail for say a minute or two minutes. Then gently wipe it off.


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