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Ajmal Perfumes In Kuwait


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  1. Ajmal
    Amir Two EDP
    KWD 53.000
  2. Ajmal
    Amir One EDP
    KWD 53.000
  3. Ajmal
    Amaze Him EDP
    KWD 12.500
  4. Ajmal
    Amaze Her EDP
    KWD 12.500
  5. Ajmal
    Shiro EDP
    KWD 11.000
  6. Ajmal
    Aristocrat Men EDP
    KWD 16.500
  7. Ajmal
    Viola EDP
    KWD 6.250
  8. Ajmal
    Senora EDP
    KWD 6.250
  9. Ajmal
    Violet Musc EDP
    KWD 28.000
  10. Ajmal
    Evoke Women EDP
    KWD 11.000
  11. Ajmal
    Shadow II Women EDP
    KWD 8.500
  12. Ajmal
    Shadow II Men EDP
    KWD 8.500
  13. Ajmal
    Raindrops EDP
    KWD 4.500
  14. Ajmal
    Neutron EDP
    KWD 4.500
  15. Ajmal
    Amber Rose Concentrated Perfume Oil
    KWD 7.500
  16. Ajmal
    Musk Silk Concentrated Perfume Oil
    KWD 26.250
  17. Ajmal
    Oath Women EDP
    KWD 15.500
  18. Raindrops Gift Set
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    Raindrops Gift Set
    KWD 8.000
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  19. Wisal Layl EDP
    Out of Stock
    Wisal Layl EDP
    KWD 11.250
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Items 1-20 of 73

Set Descending Direction

Collect Your Favorite Ajmal Perfumes From Your Home in Kuwait

Klinq, the best online store in Kuwait for makeup products and cosmetics, brings to you the very definition of elegant perfumery- the Ajmal Perfumes. With an experience of over 7 years in making perfumes, this world-class brand has a lot to share in terms of its crafting memories. The founder Late Haji Ajmal Ali believed that: a fragrance is all that it takes to travel through time because of the bond between smell and memory.

Come and shop at Klinq to unlock the old folds of memory. The Ajmal perfumes which exude luxury were founded by the Late Haji Ajmal Ali in India in the early 1950s. It has grown from being a modest trading house to a regional corporate today. The family-owned business continues to lead the perfume markets in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, etc. With a portfolio of more than 300 fine and captivating notes this fragrance brand is a leader in the trade. The retail presence of Ajmal is over 240 crafting memories and exports to over 45 countries across the world is available at Duty free locations and airlines.

Ajmal has found for itself the niche in the perfume industry where it can innovate and beat its competitors at perfumery. Men and women of Kuwait today have a rare opportunity to explore this world class brand at the best price at our online store. Explore the wide collections from our many types of perfumes.

Ajmal’s Hall of Fame of Perfumes

The best part of the Ajmal Perfumes is the many other series of

Ajmal Santal Wood
The W series instills an amazing aura of sandalwood that provides an ethereal feeling of beautiful songs, poetry and fineness. Made from the finest sandalwood oil from the Indian Western Ghats. The top note is spicy floral with cumin and a tinge of cardamom and marigold.It is the perfect aroma for all your special nights.

Ajmal Incense Wood
The incense wood notes are a marvel to every user. The exquisite woody texture blended with the bold pink pepper intensity, saffron and bergamot gives a captivating touch to all your endeavors and evenings. It is exotic and luxurious with the undernote of patchouli, vanilla, and musk. A perfect selection for divine evenings that take your mind to another world.

Xerjoff Homme
The perfect collection with the starting variant Homme. The series is defined by the warming olfactory direction and takes the wearer to the soft leather seats of their favorite vintage car.The notes open with bergamot and lemon. Blending this aroma with the Florentine iris ad Madagascan clove, the user gets a free ticket into heaven. The fragrance is unearthly in every drop of its magnificence.

Shop for the Ajmal’s men and women fragrances with surety. Santal hair mist, air fresheners, concentrated perfume oils, EDP series of perfumes and much more here at our online store. Klinq offers delivery of these products at your doorstep with 100% original products. If it is our offer season then you can bag them at a very low cost.



Q: What are Ajmal brand perfumes known for?

 A: Ajmal brand perfumes are known for their exquisite and captivating fragrances that cater to a wide range of preferences.


Q: Where are Ajmal brand perfumes based? 

A: Ajmal brand perfumes is based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its headquarters located in Dubai.


Q: Are Ajmal brand perfumes suitable for both men and women?

 A: Yes, Ajmal brand perfumes offer a diverse range of fragrances designed for both men and women.


Q: What types of fragrances do Ajmal brand perfumes offer? 

A: Ajmal brand perfumes offer a wide variety of fragrance types, including floral, oriental, woody, spicy, fresh, and citrusy notes.


Q: Are Ajmal brand perfumes long-lasting? 

A: Yes, Ajmal brand perfumes are known for their longevity and have a reputation for lasting throughout the day.


Q: Are Ajmal brand perfumes suitable for sensitive skin? 

A: Ajmal brand perfumes have a range of options suitable for sensitive skin. However, it's always recommended to test a small amount on your skin before applying it fully to ensure compatibility.


Q: Can I find Ajmal brand perfumes in stores outside of the UAE?

 A: Yes, Ajmal brand perfumes have an extensive global presence and can be found in various stores and authorized retailers worldwide.


Q: Does Ajmal brand perfumes offer a selection of unisex fragrances? 

A: Yes, Ajmal brand perfumes offer a selection of unisex fragrances that can be enjoyed by both men and women.


Q: Can I purchase Ajmal brand perfumes online?

 A: Yes, Ajmal brand perfumes can be purchased online through their official website and various other authorized online retailers.


Q: Does Ajmal brand perfumes offer sample sizes or travel-friendly options? 

A: Yes, Ajmal brand perfumes often offer sample sizes or travel-friendly options, allowing you to try different fragrances or conveniently carry them while traveling.


Q: Are Ajmal brand perfumes cruelty-free or vegan?

 A: Ajmal brand perfumes are committed to ethical practices and do not test their products on animals. However, the vegan status of individual fragrances may vary, so it's recommended to check specific product details or contact their customer support for further clarification.


Q: Are there any seasonal fragrances available in Ajmal's collection?

 A: Yes, Ajmal offers seasonal fragrances that are specifically crafted to complement different seasons and weather conditions.


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