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Face Makeup Foundations in Kuwait

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  1. Compact Foundation Top Cover
  2. Mat Stick Foundation
  3. Fondocipria Foundation
  4. Aquatouch Vitamin C Infused Foundation
  5. Hydro Tense Foundation
  6. Look Perfect Foundation

Items 1-20 of 88

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Buy Face Foundation Products at Best Price in Kuwait

Have you been looking for face foundation products that match your skin type? Here’s Klinq’s amazing collection of face foundations that you haven’t tried yet. We invite you to come shop online at Kuwait’s most loved online store.

Foundation is something that comes first in your makeup kit. Just as the name suggests ‘foundation’ lays the very foundation for your whole makeup. It helps to cover all the imperfections in your skin like the blemishes, dark spots, fine lines, redness or dark eyes, etc.

The thing with our makeup foundation products is that even a beginner can start working with it. You need not be a professional. Some of our products displayed have formulas that help to create an even base and fine toned, glowing skin. All it takes is the skill to choose the right foundation cream.


Q. What foundation is best for me?

A. The type of your foundation depends on your skin type. A dry skin type needs a liquid, stick or some hydrating powder. It is because liquids and sticks have a moisturizing consistency. On the other hand if your skin is oily, use an oil-free liquid or a foundation in powder form. It contains powders that absorb oil creating a matte, smooth finish. Mineral makeup also works well on oily skin because the dry particles absorb moisture.

Q. My makeup comes off after light contact with a dress. How to avoid it?

A. An easy solution is to press a velvet puff to your face after you have applied the foundation. It can absorb any excess foundation and pushes it to the skin.A puff or a brush can be also used to create a light veil of powder which is translucent. 

Q. Why does my makeup with foundation always look fake?

A. The simplest answer is to go to a department store and seek professional help.
The thing to remember is that the foundation will cost more here, but never mind the price. This initial investment will help you as a precursor to buy a cost-effective and expensive foundation. Ladies with skin color will find that foundations are not suitable and can leave an ashy finish. 

Q. My face and my neck are different. What should I do?

A. The technique is to check the shade of the foundation against the jawline and then adjust the colors. And you need not worry because sometimes your skin color may change with seasons and this is especially true during the summer season no matter what sunscreen you use.

So it is the right time to make your choice. We have face foundations from Revlon, Wet N Wild, Character, Alix Avien, Sensai, Max Factor and many more comfy brands. Join with Klinq’s online store in Kuwait to write your fashion story. Sparkling skin and radiant glow is now so close to you.

Foundation works for both men and women. Depending on their skin types you can make that perfect choice. All you need to do is add your favorite foundation products to the cart and enter your delivery details and it will be in your hands within no time. 

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