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Let the glasses not wear out your best look. Try contact lenses and see the world in your natural se

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Shop for the Best Contact Lenses in Kuwait

Order Contact Lenses Online in Kuwait

When you can’t see things properly, your life gets difficult, that’s where contact lenses change the game for you. They help you carry out the mundane everyday chores without annoying glass on your nose. Wider vision and lack of obstruction are some of the defining features of these eye lenses.

What to Know Before You Get Your Contact Lenses Online at Klinq ?

When you buy lenses for eyes online you need to be informed about certain aspects of these innovative vision glasses. One, you need to know the types of lenses in the market. Then you need to look at the prescription and the wear time as well. We have covered it for you briefly:


Types of Contact Lenses

Eye lenses are of different types, broadly they are classified into soft lenses and RGPs which stands for rigid gas permeable.

Soft contact lenses:  Made of soft and flexible plastics it allows oxygen to pass through the cornea. They are easy to adjust and are comfortable for you. At Klinq you can also get some new lenses made of silicone-hydrogels that are richer in oxygen permeance than other materials.

RGPs: Rigid Gas Permeable lenses have this unique quality of durability and cleanliness. It gives you a crisper vision and prevents any type of deposit buildup. The price of RGPs are quite low and offer a budget friendly solution to your eye condition. The only thing with RGPs is that they take some time to get used to.

Extended wear lenses and colored lenses are the other types of lenses. 

Lenses give you a better look and make your life better. But if it is selected without the right guidance things can go the other way. 

Buy Only  With a Prescription 

Always shop for contact lenses with a proper prescription. It doesn't matter whether it is a colored lens or the one for cosmetic purposes. Prescription is needed for the right and proper placement of lenses in the eye. Every type of lens can have the same risk when it is placed in the eye. Prescription helps you to get a lens of proper fit and material for your eyes.


Top Eye Lens Brands in Klinq

Shop for unique, low-cost and stylish contact lenses from our online store. Here is a gist of some of the top brands of eye lenses in Kuwait :


A well-known name in the global market. They are fashionable, subtle and bold. Beauty being the focus of their products you can find some stunning collections of their lenses in our online store. Leaning more towards women, Bella is what every woman dreams of for the best look.


Anesthesia has a long experience in the international optical market. Their eye lenses are made with natural design, distinct shades that can transform your eyes into great tones. They have contact lenses for astigmatic ranges in addition to cosmetic range of products. 


A quality manufacturer of lenses for better vision. Luminous lenses are a result of cutting edge technology. Their unisex lenses fit well for men, women and all age types.The Luminous lenses are great for drier climate and have greater oxygen supply cycle.


Known for their attractive colored lenses. Naturel lenses can change your eye color into your favorite shade. Slight to drastic changes are easily done with their cool, easy to use lenses. Get a flawless look everyday with Naturel and suit any skin tone.

These are just the few brands we offer you at Klinq. You can shop for many other vibrant lens shades in our online shop and add to your cart the product of your choice. Klinq offers fast and door-step delivery of your orders and hence you never have to wait too long to get started.


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