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  1. Pierre Cardin
    Lipliner Longlasting Sienna
    KWD 2.950
  2. Lip Contour Lip Liner
  3. Bourjois
    Soul Matte Nude York Lip Duo
    KWD 9.000

Items 1-20 of 26

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Shop For Your Fancy Lip Liners & Pencils 

Klinq offers to the fashion enthusiasts and the vibrant women of Kuwait an exquisite set of lip liners & pencils they always cherished. One of the common mistakes we see people make is that they use lipsticks without defining the borders of their lips. And it results in feathered and bleeding lips. The upper and lower lips have quite the same story, so it's time to add a new cautious and preventive care with our lip liners and pencils. 

Top Lip Liner Mistakes You Should Avoid

Lip liners can enhance the way your lip looks by making it look more fuller, even and shapely. But there are certain mistakes you need to avoid while using your favorite brand of lip liners and pencils. 

  1. Blend it properly
    Even when you are using a shade that is exactly matching with your lipstick, it is essential that you blend your liner properly. You can accomplish that by drawing an initial lip line and them take the liner to continue filling the lips slowly working towards the center of the pout. Then  buff with your fingers towards the center of your lips, do not buff the outline, instead buff the inside of that line to create a merging shade.

  2. Go light as feather
    Use a light touch, come to your lip line at a 45 angle rather than going straight. With continuous motions and light strokes apply delicate pressure on the liner. Do this for the entire lip and go back to finish it up with lighter touches.

  3. Be Sharp
    If you use a blunt pointed liner it is like spreading too much on too little lips. So keep your lip liners, pencils sharp. Don’t overdo the sharpness with a blade, just go for a sharp enough edge that’s not smudgy.

  4. Choosing the right color
    If you choose a nude liner then it can give you a very natural look. A dramatic liner or lipstick that matches your feeling of confidence. You need to be extra careful with the colors because darker colors can make your lips look smaller.

  5. Exfoliate Your Lips
    Flaky or chapped lips can make your whole lips look dull. Even if your lips are beautiful, chapped lips are never cute to look at. So try exfoliating by scrubbing your lips before applying lip liner. Prepare lip scrub with brown sugar and honey in equal amounts. Using moisturizers like jelly based lip balms can help retain moisture and give you supple lips.

  6. Fill in
    Once the lip liners are drawn and set, give them shape and fill the color of your lips. Filling in lips can help you get even colors and create a base that softens your lip line. Also if you apply lip liner before the lipstick it will stay there all day along. Bold lip shades like red color need a dark coat of lip liner before the lipstick to last longer.

    Stay ahead and have glowing lips with expert tips, next time you use a lip liner.

The Choicest Online Store For Shiny Lips

The lip liners collection here at Klinq is good for every lip type, be it uneven lips or thin lips. You can make it look beautiful with a quality concealer and drawing with standard lip liners like the one we offer in our online shop. Lip liners being waxy in texture can hold your lip color in place.

Come shop for the best price in Kuwait online store. Make-up savvy, party goers and fashion enthusiasts all are welcome !!! Some of the top brands that Klinq has for you are:

Start your lip decor routine with the amazing products from Klinq online store and grab them at great prices.

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