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Klapp Cosmetics

Klapp Cosmetics & Skin Care Products Online In Kuwait

Klapp Cosmetics

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  1. Klapp Cosmetics
    Aroma Selection Coffee Peeling Cream
    KWD 16.250
  2. Klapp Cosmetics
    C Pure Eyezone Treatment
    KWD 26.500
  3. Klapp Cosmetics
    C Pure Foam Cleanser
    KWD 14.950
  4. Klapp Cosmetics
    C Pure Foam Tonic
    KWD 14.950
  5. Klapp Cosmetics
    Caviar Power Day Cream
    KWD 35.250
  6. Klapp Cosmetics
    Caviar Power Imperial Serum
    KWD 39.500
  7. Klapp Cosmetics
    Caviar Power Night Cream
    KWD 35.250
  8. Klapp Cosmetics
    Caviar Power Serum
    KWD 38.550
  9. Klapp Cosmetics
    Clean & Active Cleansing Cream Foam
    KWD 9.500
  10. Clean & Active Cleansing Gel
    Out of Stock
    Klapp Cosmetics
    Clean & Active Cleansing Gel
    KWD 14.950
    Out of stock
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  11. Klapp Cosmetics
    Clean & Active Eye Makeup Remover
    KWD 12.850
  12. Klapp Cosmetics
    Collagen Dermis Rebuilder Serum
    KWD 39.900
  13. Klapp Cosmetics
    CS 111 Collagen Simulation 3 Step Home Treatment
    KWD 13.500
  14. Klapp Cosmetics
    CS 111 Eyezone Creamfluid
    KWD 26.500
  15. Klapp Cosmetics
    Eyetech Eye Lash Booster Serum
    KWD 24.750
  16. Klapp Cosmetics
    Eyetech Eyebrow Booster Serum
    KWD 24.750
  17. Klapp Cosmetics
    Eyetech Star Fresh Work Out Fluid
    KWD 18.750
  18. Klapp Cosmetics
    Glam Stripes
    KWD 8.450
  19. Klapp Cosmetics
    Golden Glow Mask
    KWD 8.450
  20. Klapp Cosmetics
    Hyaluronic Day & Night Cream
    KWD 34.900

Items 1-20 of 47

Set Descending Direction

Klapp Cosmetics Skin Care is Here

Klapp cosmetics was founded in 1981 by Gerhardt Klapp, the skin science visionary. All products developed by them are of the heist quality and in line with the high performance standards. The brand is distributed across the globe in 60 countries. The brand uses high-performance active ingredients which are made in Germany. Klapp cosmetics in the world of beauty is another name for innovative skin care and treatment. With 40 years of experience the brand has evolved with the continuous research and development of new and high-tech active elements.

Science Behind Klapp Skin Care Products

Klapp uses skin care products as an intelligent combination of science and underlying natural skin’s active principles. Thus, it keeps the skin healthy, glowing and vibrant. These highly potent ingredients stimulate and strengthen the innate ability of the body. As per the latest findings of scientific research the best way to rejuvenate skin is to aid its natural potency to regenerate the skin cells.

The Klapp skin care technology treats skin in all its facets, colors and types. Skin is the very epicenter of their actions and their efforts are for their radiance, health and beauty. Radiant, healthy and beautiful hair helps in exuding a sense of competence and experience. And it buds and grows from the knowledge and innovative spirit. The confirmation from more than 35,000 across the globe is a real testimony of Klapp’s success.


Q. Can I buy Klapp Cosmetic articles?
A. The online platform allows purchases for Klapp cosmetics. Leading cosmetic studios allow the purchase of this brand’s wide collections at the best price. Klinq is another option for the Kuwaiti customers here. You can get your orders at a very cheap cost too with a delivery that comes right to the front of your door.

Q. Which Klapp Product is the right one for me?
A. There is no one word answer to this question. All one can say is that it depends. The first thing is to make a list of allergens, intolerances, etc. that you can have. The information about the ingredients are found on the text placed on the product. Try to contact the leading skin professionals in your area to get a good look at your skin tones and type. Klinq offers the latest collections here in Kuwait, so can be assured of its quality and scientific update. Skin analysis can help find the perfect solution for your ailments with minimum effort.

Shiny and well-groomed skin is the best formula that Klapp offers for positive vibes and self-esteem.

Q. What’s the right way to use Klapp Cosmetic products?
A. The answer is very simple and straightforward. With every product from Klapp there is description on each product in the information. Consultation with experts can give you the right way to handle things.

Shop today and get amazing offers on all the important products from Klapp like the serums, cream gel, anti-age creams, thermo gels and slim box, etc. See you there at our online store.

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