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  1. Laylight Highlighter Palette
    Layla Cosmetics
    Laylight Highlighter Palette
    Special Price KWD 7.000 Regular Price KWD 8.750
  2. Nude Highlighter
  3. Summer Obsession Bronzer Blush Highlighter Palette Matte And Glow - N 10
    Out of Stock
  4. Glow Lover Oil Infused Highlighter
    Out of Stock
    Glow Lover Oil Infused Highlighter
    KWD 1.750
    Out of stock
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  5. More Than Glow Highlighter
    Out of Stock
  6. Essence
    Choose Your Glow Highlighter Palette
    KWD 2.000
  7. The Highlighter
    Out of Stock
  8. Scupting Kate Palette
    Out of Stock
  9. Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil
    Out of Stock
  10. Insta Conceal And Contour Palette
    Out of Stock
  11. Anastasia Beverly Hills
    Sun Dipped Glow Kit
    KWD 18.500
  12. Noha Highlight Palette
    Out of Stock
    Noha Highlight Palette
    KWD 14.250
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  13. Delice De Poudre Bronzer Highlighter Powder Palette
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  14. Bourjois
    Highlighter The Little Strober
    KWD 6.200
  15. Illusion - Velvet
    Out of Stock
    Illusion - Velvet
    KWD 9.500
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Items 1-20 of 39

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Fresh Face with Makeup Highlighters from Klinq

Face Highlighters can help give your face a luminous and radiant glow. No makeup is complete without a face highlighter. Enhance your natural features and add glory to your looks. Highlighters can infuse a new look to your face and give that extra boost to women’s overall makeup. Klinq’s unique choice of highlighter brands can add to your makeup kit. It can give you a subtle sheen and if you use specific highlighters you can also get a holographic strobe. 

Apply your favorite face highlighters to your cheekbones, nose and beneath brow bone carefully. If applied rightly it can add definition, elevate your dull face, wipe out the fatigue complexion and add a miraculous glow. Dab it with a swirl or swipe it, when going for a party, vacation or wedding or any event.

Best Practices to Follow When You Use a Makeup Highlighter:

You could be using face highlighters to emphasize a particular feature on your face.  Depending on the lighter color and also the sparkling pigments in the formula light reflects off your skin. Hence, the eyes of the onlookers go to areas where it is applied. Here are a few tricks that can help you make the best of highlighters:

  1. Mix a drop of luminising liquid with a foundation product. Then use a damp sponge that’s used for buffing up the face.

  2. Next thing you need to know is that when you increase the pigment, put them only in places where you want it to look special. The point is to use the least bit in that special spot.

  3. Highlighters add volume to the area where it is applied, so first get a good idea about your face’s dimensions and apply it to the weak areas. Its better to avoid adding too much of the product on the nose tip, chin, apple of cheeks and forehead.

  4. Blend and blend, that’s the thumb rule. Use round motion to apply to the cheekbone. It gives a diffused natural look. Avoiding eyes with precision, keep on blending again and again.

  5. Ladies often pick the wrong shade and then it doesn’t matter whatever highlighter brand it is, it's just not going to work. So our expert tip is to choose a shade that is two-three shades lighter than your skin. For example, yellow or olive tones can get a boost with gold color, medium to deep skin can use peaches, oranges, copper tones.


  1. How can I find my perfect highlighter?
    Two simple rules, pick a shade two shades lighter than your skin. Secondly, choose the highlighter based on your undertones.

  2. Which are the right places for highlighter application to give maximum output?
    The whole point of a face highlighter is to bring attention to parts where the lights naturally hit your face. Apply them to the cheeks, the nose, the eyes, the brow bones, the lips, chin and collarbones.

  3. What happens if I use too much highlighter on my face?
    If you use too much highlighter you will look sweaty and shiny. It may look like an extra unfitting layer of skin depending on the extra amount you added up.

Choose from Klinq’s top brands like Revlon, Kiss, Wet n Wild, Sensai, Alex Avien and many more. Get an express delivery on every item you order and that too at the best price anywhere online. Buy online in Kuwait. Go fashionable.

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