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Go for the best solutions in Kuwait with Klinq’s curated range of nail care products. Shop online and get them deli

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  1. Eveline
    Cuticle Remover With Avocado Oil Gel
    KWD 5.000
  2. ACM
    Novophane Nail Cream
    KWD 8.450
  3. Eveline
    Nail Cleaner For Hybrid
    KWD 3.500
  4. Nail Therapy 8 In 1 Total Action - Sensitive
    Out of Stock
  5. Nail Therapy 8 In 1 Total Action
    Out of Stock
    Nail Therapy 8 In 1 Total Action
    KWD 6.500
    Out of stock
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  6. Eveline
    Nail Therapy 9 In 1 Total Action
    KWD 6.500
  7. Eveline
    Nail Therapy Keratin Pro
    KWD 6.500
  8. Eveline
    Nail Therapy Peel Of Sleeping Mask
    KWD 6.500
  9. Eveline
    Nail Therapy Sos Brittle And Broken Nails
    KWD 6.500
  10. Eveline
    Nail Therapy Against Mycosis
    KWD 5.500
  11. Caudalie
    Hand And Nail Cream
    KWD 9.000
  12. Kiss
    2-Way Nail Shaper
    KWD 0.800
  13. Kiss
    4-Way Nail Buffer
    KWD 0.800
  14. Kiss
    4-Way Nail Shaper
    KWD 0.800
  15. Kiss
    All Purpose Nail File And Smoother
    KWD 0.800
  16. Kiss
    Black With White Nail File
    KWD 0.800
  17. Kiss
    Glass Shine Top Coat
    KWD 3.500
  18. Kiss
    Maximum Strengthener Nail Care
    KWD 2.950
  19. Kiss
    Red Professional Manicure Kit
    KWD 6.500

Items 1-20 of 24

Set Descending Direction

Nail Care Products For Healthy Nails

Products for nail care are less popular in comparison to other beauty products. Celebrities, beauty-conscious models, etc. are the few regular caretakers of nails. Common people usually give less priority to nail care.

It is because they usually overlook nails as an important part of their body. Mostly, because they think in terms of nails as something that is to be cut off and done with. But your nails are pathways into the body, so caring for them is a part of the daily hygiene routine. 

So don’t let your nail care rituals wait till they get infected and the pain is unbearable. Start caring for your nails today. We have a collection of the best cuticle products that you can find in the Kuwaiti market.

Nail care is not just a woman thing, it is equally important for men as well. 

Klinq offers the best brands in nail care like the Eveline, Caudalie, ACM, etc. We offer products for cuticle remover, nail creams, nail cleaners, etc. that can help you with everyday manicuring. Give yourself a fitting pampering daily or weekly as you desire with our exclusive cuticle care products.


Top Nail Care Tips For Beautiful Nails

You may have chosen your nail care oil or polish remover from our online store, but do you know how and when to use them, that too for the best results?

Let us help you out a bit. Nails are a unique part of our body, hard yet filled with blood vessels. Before you start using your favorite product from Klinq’s extensive range of collections, you need to:

  • Clean your nails with polish remover.
    The nail polish we offer is quick and rich in growth enhancing nutrients for healthy nails. You can also use cotton balls to remove dirt and oily substances around your nails.

  • Shape them
    Shape your nails the way you want. Clip your nails first, then file gently in every direction and shape it round or square the way you feel. Finally, buff it up with a nail buffer and make it look smooth. Buffing further helps your nail look shining, just as toothpaste glows your teeth after brushing.

  • Push Back Cuticles
    Understand the difference between cuticle removers and cuticle oils when you shop for them online. Go for the best offers and prices in Klinq’s shopping window. Caring for your cuticles keeps your nail away from bacteria and makes them soft.



  1. Do I need to match the color of nails on toes and fingers?
    It is not necessary at all, the color of your nails are totally a personal choice and has no other effect other than the aesthetics.

  2. Why do nails peel at the tip?
    It is seen that peeling is a sign of nail damage. Using improper tools of filing, buffing with corrosive products and underlying health conditions can be responsible for this. So choose with care the varnish and other removing products.

  3. How often should I apply cuticle oils?
    Cuticle oils are moisturizing oils made of vegetable oils, citric acid and other essential vitamins. So the more often you get to apply them the better. Experts are of the opinion that twice a day of cuticle oil application is more than enough to keep your nails and cuticles fresh and healthy.

  4. What is the effect of cold weather on my nails?
    Cold weather has a dehydrating effect on the nails. The moisture sucking cold air will thus result in peeling nails. Nail splits are also a common scenario. The best way to protect your nail during such imposing winters is to use moisturizing oils, cuticle oils, avoid detergents and choose non-drying shops for washing hands.

  5. How to identify a good nail care oil?
    A good cuticle oil or other nail care oil will have the following ingredients: jojoba oil, flaxseed oil and safflower oil. A good nail care product is made of vitamins, especially vitamin E and antioxidants.

So now shop for your favorite daily care products today and get an express delivery.


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