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Mascara Collection in Kuwait

Mascara is commonly used on the top and lower parts of your eyelashes. It helps add more volume, and lengthen your e

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  1. Revlon
    So Fierce Big Bad Lash Mascara
    KWD 5.000
  2. Wet n Wild
    Max Volume Plus Mascara
    KWD 3.300
  3. Wet n Wild
    Mega Clear Mascara
    KWD 2.400
  4. Wet n Wild
    Mega Length
    KWD 2.700
  5. Wet n Wild
    Mega Protein Waterproof Mascara
    KWD 2.700
  6. Wet n Wild
    Mega Volume Mascara
    KWD 2.700
  7. Wet n Wild
    Big Poppa Mascara
    KWD 4.300
  8. Wet n Wild
    XXL Lash Mascara
    KWD 3.300
  9. Character
    Extra Volume Mascara
    KWD 4.000
  10. Character
    Lush Booster Mascara
    KWD 4.000
  11. Alix Avien
    3 In 1 Mascara
    KWD 4.000
  12. Alix Avien
    Volume Mascara
    KWD 4.000
  13. Alix Avien
    Waterproof Mascara
    KWD 4.000
  14. Sensai
    Mascara 38�C
    KWD 10.000
  15. Sensai
    Mascara 38C Separating & Lengthening
    KWD 12.950
  16. Sensai
    Mascara 38�C Volumising
    KWD 10.000
  17. Dior
    Show Extase Mascara Mascara
    KWD 14.250
  18. Revlon
    So Fierce Mascara
    KWD 5.000
  19. Revlon
    Volumazing Mascara
    KWD 5.000

Items 1-20 of 46

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Mascara Collection You Always Wanted In Kuwait

Revel in the supreme mascara collection of Klinq. Changing the perception of our customers in Kuwait with eye care and styling products from our online store.

Women are the prime users of mascara, though men have started using it especially in the fashion industry. Mascara is as old as Rome and yet it has a fresh appeal in today’s world. Mascara is today a beauty add-on and one of the most profitable eye make-up. Eyeliners, eyebrows, eye shadows, etc. come only second to it. 

At Klinq, we offer you a very versatile mascara collection that includes formulations for intensifying color to brushing up your brows, to curling. 


Choosing The Right Mascara:

When shopping online at our shop if you are somehow confused as to what is best for you, you needn't worry. We have some expert tips for you:


  • Match Your Brush to Your Lashes

    There is a particular type of brush for every eyelash. A curlier lash needs an oversized and viscous brush. Fine lashes that can curl need longer and thinner brushes and so on. Depending On your lash type select the brush. Hourglass shaped brushes go well with scattered lashes. Plastic bristle brush can give you a lot in a very little time and a pointed tip can make you shine out of the crowd. So choose wisely.

  • Curl first and then apply
    It is a very useful tip if you want to protect your lashes from breaking. Mascara can make your lash rigid and look voluminous. So first curl and then apply, or you lose what you have.

  • Remove it the right way

    Take your time, do not hurry. Ladies usually remove mascara in a hurry and that’s not a very healthy style. Speed and carelessness can damage the roots of your lashes resulting in improper growth or even absolute loss of eyelashes.


Wet n Wild

Pioneer in manufacturing low cost make-up products, Wet n Wild has a very robust mascara collection. Being cruelty-free it is the top choice for vegans and humanists. Mega Volume, Mega Length, Mega Protein are some of the famous products of Wet n Wild and MegaSlim - a skinny mascara that lowers the lashes is also a popular product. 


Adding the final touches to your eyelashes, Revlon products are one of a kind and they offer a wide variety of brush shapes and sizes also.

Alix Avien
Offering mascara collections that will stay all night and day with a formula that makes it waterproof. The brand is known for its flawless texture and is a gift to sensitive eyes.


A popular makeup brand, Sensai offers some of the most compelling products like the smudge-resistant and beauty finish mascara products.

You pick your brand and Klinq will have it at your doorstep. Yes, we offer express delivery anywhere in Kuwait so that you can always look your best.



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