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Buy Online Profusion Makeup Products in Kuwait


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  1. Profusion
    Aqua Gems Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 2.750
  2. Profusion
    Moonstone Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 13.750
  3. Profusion
    Siennas Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 6.750
  4. Profusion
    Chocolates Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 6.750
  5. Profusion
    Pro Pigment Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 6.750
  6. Profusion
    Nude Bliss Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 6.750
  7. Profusion
    Gold Rush Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 6.750
  8. Profusion
    Enchanted Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 6.750
  9. Profusion
    Smoky Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 3.250
  10. Profusion
    Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 3.250
  11. Profusion
    Rubies Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 3.250
  12. Profusion
    Mauves Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 3.250
  13. Profusion
    Violets Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 3.250
  14. Profusion
    Neon Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 3.250
  15. Bare Eye Shadow Palette
    Out of Stock
    Bare Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 3.250
    Out of stock
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  16. Profusion
    Nudes Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 3.250
  17. Profusion
    Highlight & Contour Palette I
    KWD 3.250
  18. Profusion
    Blush Kit I
    KWD 3.250
  19. Profusion
    Blush Kit III
    KWD 3.250
  20. Profusion
    Ruby Gems Eye Shadow Palette
    KWD 3.250

Items 1-20 of 33

Set Descending Direction

Profusion Makeup Products are Now at Your Fingertips

Men and women need to wear a makeup product at some point in their life. Profusion makeup products are today available across Kuwait. But what is the best way to buy them? Of course, nothing comes closer to your heart than your home and we provide assured delivery right in front of your doorstep. That’s how we are. Klinq has a policy of offering the best service to its valuable customers.

Profusion Cosmetics has a long experience spanning 20 years in working with the best manufacturers of makeup products of every category. They have outlived every other brand in the art of makeup palettes and have brought about a revolution like no other company has in the quality of palettes and in the cost of these palettes. Dedicated to innovation this brand has a lot to offer in the coming future. It strives to perfect every product from the very concept to its creation and ensures that all collections meet the top standards as the customers expect every time. 

The high performing palettes from Profusion are not only a joy to use but it's super easy as well. The makeup products from Profusion always leave the user wondering about the anytime and anywhere results of this class of products. The quality results every time in tough situations leave them excited every time they shop online to buy these products. Rich pigmentation, long-wearing formulas and spot-on trendy colorways are specifically designed to inspire the creativity of every Profusion user. This product is the dream come reality for vibrant style lovers and those who have a daily makeup routine to start their day. Makeup artists love profusion when they want to bring the multilayer characterisation and color. The brand declares itself to be cruelty-free and has a special vegan section dedicated to the green lovers as well.

Top Series From Profusion

Like every top brand Profusion has a number of series dedicated to specific themes. It has accorded more customer engagement and fame to it:

  • Empowered Butterfly
    The 25 shade palettes is a main feature of this grow up from being a cocoon to flying like a butterfly series of products. The dazzling wings liquid, Butterfly Mousse blush, soft matte lip cream are all a part of this series.
  • Metachrome Series
    The metachrome series is another Profusion innovation that focus on the monochrome theme. With monochrome glitters for brow, liner sets, mea lashes, multichrome pigment and primers, the series is unique in itself.
  • Jurassic World & Mean Girl Collections
    One of the latest collections from Profusion is the Jurassic World collection. In this variant, there are a number of makeup products like the Jurassic World high voltage duochrome shadows, liquid blushes, lip kits, activated liners, mosasaurus mist and so on. Mean girls includes 9 shade palettes, burn books and hand mirrors. 

Klinq offers wide collections of this brand’s exquisite makeup products. Eye shadow palettes, blush kits, brows kits, contour palettes and many more such products from this brand are available at our online store. You can get them with a few clicks and swipes. 

Begin your makeup journey today !!!

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