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Bracelets for Women

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Items 1-20 of 72

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Women’s Bracelets for Everyday and Special Use

Women's bracelets are a timeless piece of jewelry. Every woman adores them. Ladies have a rich collection of bracelets in their jewelry box. And it doesn’t matter how much they have, they find every new piece as attractive as the next one. Bracelets are ornaments that add an extra low to your look and fits well with casuals, fancy party wear, traditional wear, etc. 

The arms and hands of a woman are the most expressive part of their beauty. Being sleek, a bracelet in the arm can add more attentiveness and make them more presentable according to the occasion. Bracelet also adds a pinch of royal or rich personality to the man or woman wearing it. Buy online the most crafty and artistic pieces of bracelets and get a swift delivery anywhere in Kuwait.


Different Styles of Bracelets 

Trends go on changing the way ornaments and jewelry are designed and worn. Bracelets for women have also been subjected to this inevitable transformation and innovation. Today the type of bracelets you wear defines more than your looks, it even defines your personality. Some modern women’s bracelet styles are: 

Bangle bracelets

Bangle bracelets are one of the trendiest styles of diamond bracelets. Usually made from a single metal band. They are available plain or studded with diamonds. They can give you a classy look in the crowd and outshine your very aura.

Link bracelets

Made up of a series of interconnected links, link bracelets are also available as plain chains or as diamond studded shiny ones. Available in various designs, we offer bracelets from classic to modern styles. 

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets are stylish as the rows of diamonds set in a metal band. Its name comes from the tennis players who popularized these during court games. Available in white gold or yellow and looks stunning for everyday routine as well as for special occasions. 

Charm diamond bracelets

A kind of fun variety in its uniqueness. It can personalize your jewelry collection in a very charming way. Easy to take off and easy to put on, they add elegance and cuteness to your style. 



Q. What’s the best way to wear a diamond bracelet?

A. There are many ways to wear a diamond bracelet. It all depends on your style and what looks good on you.  You could try different methods like, stacking them up, or create a layering with other ornaments from your jewelry box. And also there’s that minimal simplistic look of wearing them alone. Look what fits you and go for it.


Q. How to shop for the right diamond bracelet?

A. There’s no shortcut to selection. Like every shopping ritual, start with the budget in hand. How much price are you willing to pay for it? Once, you settle on that look for the style that catches your eye. Then try it on and see whether it indeed looks good on you. Then choose the right metal, silver, gold or platinum, whichever you prefer.

Q. What’s the right fit for a women’s bracelet ?

A. The best method to find the right fit for your wrist is to add half an inch or 1 inch to your wrist size. It will help you get a not too snuggling and not too loose bracelet.


Klinq showcases only supreme quality products. The purity of the metal is 100% guaranteed. And the cost of the metal is the best you can get in Kuwait. Add your favorite bracelets into the cart and then just pay-in. And you shall get an assured door delivery at a speed you can only imagine.



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