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Blanche Hair Mist

Blanche Hair Mist

Brand Byredo
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    Brand Byredo

    Blanche by Byredo Women's Fragrance

    • Type: Hair Mist
    • Size : 75 ML

    The hair perfume collection contains delicate perfumes for the hair. It invites to delicately perfume the hair while applying extra care. The unique formula developed by byredo leaves the hair luminous, nourished, and subtly perfumed throughout the day.

    At once exploring softness and strength, Blanche is an intimate expression. The smell of rising from a warm bed after a long day spent with fresh sheets and a punch of detergent. The laundry baskets filled to the brim. The Hair Perfume will revitalize and revive your hair to a beautiful shine. Its a mist that disperses well throughout lighter hair, allowing it to absorb into the pores. Just apply a couple sprays then brush or comb through for a fresh scent.

    This scent is a representation of a special person in our lives. Byredo Blanche Fragrance captures the innocence and untainted side of this unique individual with a scent that is almost transparent. This is a pure, simple fragrance that is structurally simple yet its character is extreme.

    Key Notes:

    • Top Note: Aldehyde, Pink Pepper, White Rose
    • Heart Note: Neroli, Peony, Violet
    • Base Note: Blonde Woods, Musk, Sandalwood

    About Byredo:

    Byredo founder Ben Gorham was inspired by scent and memory after traveling to his mother's hometown in India. Mentored by world-renowned perfumers, he started his line of luxury fragrances in Stockholm in 2006, focusing on raw, high-quality ingredients. Today, Byredo scents and candles are known as much for their minimalist, stylish packaging as they are for their irresistible scents.