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Lamasat Oud EDP

SKU: 3760060762177

PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Borouj

21.500 KD

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Lamasat Oud EDP by Borouj

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 85 ml

Product Description:

The Lamasat Oud’s scent is fresh, distinct and elegant. An amazing signature fragrance that reflects the true essence of the richness of the Arab world. This eau de parfum spray will give you enough time to experience a fine, refreshing and enticing scent throughout the day. With different notes that create a grandeur feel, it is perfect for both men and women alike. It comes in a lovely packing of only 85 ml volume.

This perfume is an exciting combination of agarwood, musk, and dark woods. Aromatic, woody note is dominant with exotic woodiness followed by strong animalic bitter hints. Mysterious aroma delivered via enhancing patchouli undercurrent to join powerful foundation of oud.

This perfume energizes your senses as soon as it enters the room. This is a classic, alluring scent that will always remain the same. With the base of Musk, you have a unique and strong perfume that can conquer any battle. However, this perfume is suitable for any occasion where you feel you need to apply a fragrance that nobody will dislike.

About The Brand:

The BROUJ PERFUMES came up out of the idea to develop a new concept of perfume. A concept based on sustainability and quality . We achieve this goal by launching products that are made only with natural material and sustainably produced. Our perfumes and cosmetic lines were conceived to solve problems and promote good health, beauty and well being. Sustainability is the future of the planet. The people deserve a better environment, we must not ruin it anymore. BROUJ PERFUMES will give you a new experience, a long lasting memory for your body, personality and individuality make you feel unique.

Top Notes: Agarwood
Middle Note: Guaiac Wood
Base Note: Musk

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Lamasat Oud EDP

Lamasat Oud EDP

21.500 KD