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Milk Therapy Creamy Milk Serum
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Milk Therapy Creamy Milk Serum

Brand Morfose
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Brand Morfose
Product Description

Morfose Milk Therapy Creamy Milk Serum 100ml

Morfose Milk Therapy Creamy Milk Serum has been formulated with amino acid complex and milk protein which provide strong nutrient supply to the hair and supports the restructuring of the hair. Combined with avocado oil that is good for moisturizing, regulating moisture balance of hair and easy combing, Morfose Milk Therapy Creamy Milk Serum provides vitality and luster to the hair.

This is a moisturizing and nourishing serum and packs and amount and quality of the contents in a typical serum. The product is formulated with the most advanced ingredients to help make your hair healthy and beautiful. The creamy milk serum can be applied to dry or damaged hair for extra nourishment. Its amino acid complex and milk protein strengthens the hair and supports its restructure. Its formula also helps to deal with dryness and damages for easy combing, along with softer, more vibrant and shinier hair that feels smoother to touch.


  • Milk Protein and 12 Amino acids, Avocado oil, Keratin complex
  • Prevents the hair tips from breaking at the same time by strengthening the hair fiber.
  • Creamy Milk Treatment helps hair tips to be moisturized and to gain a smooth appearance
  • For dry and brittle hairs

How To Use

Take a small amount into palms, rub hands together. Apply evenly throughout towel dried hair and dry hair. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. Don't rinse out.

About The Brand

Morfose is UKs and Irelands leading haircare brand, specializing in men's and women's hair products for all hair types. The brand was originally established in Turkey and we are now selling across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Our fantastic hair care products are catered to each individual hair type. Whether you have normal, dry, damaged or coloured hair you can find the best products for your hair with Morfose.