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Collagen Hair Mask

Collagen Hair Mask

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    Collagen Mask 500 ml by Dancoly

    Dancoly Collagen Mask can be an effective supplement for those experiencing hair loss. With daily use, the skin will become hydrated, healthier, and have a healthy glow. This sheet mask has been infused with deep sea collagen to provide needed nutrients to supplement what is lost by consuming water through the day. The Dancoly Collagen Mask is a must-have for those seeking a youthful appearance!

    Deep Sea Collagen mask 500 ml is a hair mask made from deep sea collagen, packed with vitamin E and other natural nutrients. It nourishes hair and prevents dryness. Deep sea collagen has the characteristics of anti-aging, fats and proteins extracts from deep sea fish, can treat split ends, can improve flexibility and brightness of hair. Can soften the hair to make it become bouncy again naturally.


    •  Enriched with deep sea collagen
    •  Nourishes the hair and maintains moisture
    •  Enhances hair elasticity and makes it smooth and healthy
    •  Suitable for dry and damaged hair
    •  Suitable for using after Keratin treatment and straightening

    How To Use

    1. After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount on to palm
    2.  Rub hands together and massage evenly from roots to ends
    3.  Leave in for 5-10 minutes
    4.  Rinse thoroughly

    About The Brand

    Dancoly is a natural cosmetic brand created and manufactured by Dancoly cosmetique. Gilles le Bret, its founder & CEO, has been engaged in scientific research and development for more than 30 years.

    Dancoly Cosmetics is a botanic cosmetics company that provides customers with beauty products for continuing their pursuit of beauty. Dancoly's unique line of Doctor products are formulated after two decades of research at the Dancoly Companies. These products are used by celebrities around the world.

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    Collagen Hair Mask

    KWD 10.000

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