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Aroma Scalp Massage Gel

Aroma Scalp Massage Gel

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    Aroma Scalp Massage Gel 250 ml by Dancoly

    Feel the difference, feel the pleasure! Dancoly is a highly concentrated scalp massaging gel that softens and stimulates your scalp. It is rich in natural peppermint oil and wheat plumule oil which help regulate oil production of the sebaceous glands for a healthier balanced scalp. This product is suitable for all types of hair, maintaining your hair's natural color, radiance, shine. Use regularly to maximize its benefits.

    Dancoly Hair Nutrition Scalp Massage Gel is designed to nourish the scalp giving it a healthy look while stimulating blood flow to improve hair growth. It helps relieve dandruff, stimulates damaged hair follicles, and gives the scalp a relaxing sensation. It also helps regulate the function of sebaceous glands, thus enhancing skin tissue regeneration while delivering nutrients deep within the skin for healthier skin.


    • Consists of natural peppermint oil and wheat plumule oil which helps regulate the function of the sebaceous gland of the scalp.
    • Scalp fragrance and silk
    • Repair the damage of fragrance and fine
    • Keep your scalp healthy and shiny, and smell wonderful

    How To Use

    1. After shampooing, apply 5 -10ml onto the scalp and hair, massage for 5 minutes.

    2.  Rinse out.

    About The Brand

    Dancoly is a natural cosmetic brand created and manufactured by Dancoly cosmetique. Gilles le Bret, its founder & CEO, has been engaged in scientific research and development for more than 30 years.

    Dancoly Cosmetics is a botanic cosmetics company that provides customers with beauty products for continuing their pursuit of beauty. Dancoly's unique line of Doctor products are formulated after two decades of research at the Dancoly Companies. These products are used by celebrities around the world.

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    Aroma Scalp Massage Gel

    KWD 5.000

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