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Carrot Carotene Handmade Soap

Carrot Carotene Handmade Soap

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    Product Description

    Carrot Carotene Handmade Soap by Skinfood


    • Product Type: Face Soap
    • Size: 100 g


    Key Features:

    • Carotene from carrot seed oil is added to a handmade vegan soap to reduce redness in those with sensitive skin.
    • Carrot components are removed using the steaming method to keep most of the nutrients.
    • Moisturizes skin even after cleansing.
    • This vegan formulation is ideal for sensitive skin types because it contains no components originating from animals.


    How to use:

    • Use wet hands to apply the lathered foam in a circular motion over the entire face.
    • Use lukewarm water to rinse.


    About Skinfood:

    The first cosmetic company to include food in its brand is SKINFOOD, which was founded in 1957. Skinfood offers a variety of products, such as skincare, hair care, and makeup. For healthy, beautiful skin, the brand thinks that nutritive food leads to nutritive beauty. To ensure that only the highest quality food ingredients are used to produce a more attractive, healthier lifestyle, the Skinfood philosophy guides the development of our products.

    The body benefits from the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in food on the inside as well as the outside. To provide focused nourishment and care, the brand incorporates these essential ingredients into every one of its products.

    Brazilian Black Sugar, South Asian Royal Black Honey, and sun-kissed Tomatoes from reliable South Korean farms are some healthy ingredients the brand uses in the creation of its products.

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    Carrot Carotene Handmade Soap

    KWD 5.750

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