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Opal EDP

Opal EDP

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Product Description

Opal EDP by Signature

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 100 ml

Product Description:

Carven's Opal is a captivating and expressive scent, full of mystery and allure. It is a resolutely feminine and modern scent, endowed with an exhilarating freshness, which seems to embody the lightness of a clear blue sky. Opal by Signature is a Floral fragrance for women and men. Opal was launched in 2016. It's for those who believe that effortless elegance and femininity are not mutually exclusive and honor the beauty of an inner radiance.

Enjoy an unforgettable fragrance experience with this stunning Eau de Parfum. This fragrance features a blend of jasmine, ylang-ylang and musk for a rich aroma with a sparkling floral quality. The scent starts floriental accord of jasmine and rose, add freshness to the composition, followed by middle notes of ylang-ylang and musk to add a touch of glamour. Base notes lightly embrace the overall scent with tones of tonka bean and heliotrope for a unique finish.

OPAL EDP by Signature is the unique, precious essence of the unique gemstone, infused with alluring lusciousness. Each Signature OPAL is unique. Its original multi-colored gleam is caused by Nature, which inserts its own special touches in the form of rainbows, flashes or dazzling light effects. The light-catching aspect of OPAL makes it ideal for evening wear, especially when set in gold. The radiant glow of OPAL radiates throughout this elegant EDP, giving it irresistible sensuality.

About The Brand:

The Sillage Dorient Signature Collection is inspired by the women who wear it. The collection is an exclusive club, inviting only those lucky beings that find their soulmate in one of our striking perfumes. These exquisite scents are statements of self-awareness, showing others who you really are.

With our Signature Collection we wanted to create a set of fragrances that were expressive, poetic and sensual the signature traits of Sillage dOrient. Like some rare gemstones, every fragrance in the collection is precious and breathtaking. Like some rare gemstones, not everyone can appreciate them equally. Yet those who do will wear their bottles with pride, as those who truly love these gems proudly wear those which possess them.

In 2015, Sillage D'Orient launched a collection of new Made in France fragrances. This line tells a story of a journey to the Orient, with notes from the sunny shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the gardens of Arabian nights. The make up of these fragrances is based on a perfumers gem exploration, combining ingredients thought to contribute to uniqueness and longevity for a long-lasting scent that smells exactly like you.

Top Notes: Jasmine And Rose
Middle Notes: Ylang-ylang And Musk
Base Notes: Tonka Bean And Heliotrope

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Opal EDP

KWD 55.000

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