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3 Month Contact Lenses

3 Month Contact Lenses

Brand My Lens
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    Brand My Lens

    3 Month Contact Lenses by MY LENS

    Product Type: Contact Lense

    Color: Light Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Brown, Oro Grey, Oro Brown, Oro Hazel, Oro Ice, Capri, Turquoise

    Make your eyes sparkle and shine like a star. MyLens Colored cosmetic contact lenses are the perfect way to instantly enhance up your look! MyLens 3 month is an FDA approved Contact Lenses that we use daily. MyLens Colored cosmetic contact lenses are a fabulous way to instantly enhance up your look! These lenses are ideally suited to a variety of occasions such as festivals, parties, and even everyday wear. They make eye makeup easier!

    My Lens Natural Brightening lenses are suitable for all types of eyes, including dark and deep-set eyes, even with Asian ethnic origins. These lenses give your eyes a natural, attractive appearance to ensure that you can wear them with makeup or not. My Lens natural brightening lenses enable you to choose any eye look you want.

    Key Features:

    • Lens Base Curve: 8.6
    • Water content: % 38
    • Duration of use: 3 months
    • The solution: Free with every package
    • Made in South Korea
    • Available in both Plano
    • Centre Thickness (mm): 0.05 - 0.27 mm
    • DIA (Diameter): 14.2mm
    • Pair of 2 Lenses.
    • Lens Case box with left and right markings.
    • Product Certificates:
      U.S Food and Drug Administration Certificate.
      GMP Certificate.
      ISO Certificate.
    • Licensed by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health
    • Material: 2 HEMA

    How to Use:

    1. Always wash, rinse, and dry hands before handling contact lenses.
    2. Always use fresh, unexpired lens care solutions for cleaning and storing the lenses. Don’t use any other liquid/water.
    3. After removing your lenses from the lens case, empty and rinse the lens storage case with solution(s) recommended by the lens case manufacturer; then allow the lens case to air dry.
    4. When the case is used again, refill it with fresh storage solution.
    5. Replace lens case at regular intervals.

    About MY LENS:

    MyLens are a series of colored contact lenses that bring out your eyes, making them sparkle and shimmer. Don’t just wear stylish glasses by MyLens, look like a star wearing these lenses. MyLens Colored cosmetic contact lenses have special features, making them suitable for use in any situation where the look of your eyes is important. The color creates an optical illusion and makes you seem more attractive, romantic and younger.

    Introducing MyLens Colored cosmetic contact lenses, a fabulous way to instantly enhance up your look! Our contact lenses are made of high quality material and provide a comfortable all day wear. Try out different colors and style to create your own unique look.