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Silky Sandalwood EDP

Silky Sandalwood EDP

Brand Majouri
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    Brand Majouri
    Product Description

    Silky Sandalwood EDP by Majouri

    Concentration: Eau de Parfum

    Size: 75 ml

    Product Description:

    This is a very rich, warm scent with just a hint of spice to it. Humid and aromatic like the inside of an old library filled with ancient classics and dusty volumes. A scent for men or women who don't want to smell like everyone else. Majouri uses only top-drawer pure essential oils without any artificial perfumes. Silky Sandalwood by Majouri is a Woody Spicy fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Silky Sandalwood was launched in 2019. The nose behind this fragrance is Jennifer Jambon. Its Silky Sandalwood EDP perfume in an exotic combination of fragrances, with a blend that is both light and elegant.

    Meet Silky Sandalwood EDP by Majouri, our new collection of woody fragrances, and that's exactly the mood we've captured with our new range: a deceptively simple yet compelling scent that opens with both pink pepper and incense, loves to play with sandalwood and cedar, and finishes on a sensual note of myrrh and amber. A fabulous fragrance for both men and women.

    Precious Sandalwood has been valued for its many benefits throughout history. Majouri's oil is perfect for those who wish to experience the most genuine scent of Sandalwood. All products bearing the Majouri brand name are 100 percent authentic and of the highest quality, ensuring you a luxurious and utterly enjoyable scent experience.

    Key Notes:

    • Top Notes: Pink Pepper and Incense
    • Middle Notes: Sandalwood and Cedar
    • Base Notes: Myrrh and Amber

    About The Brand:

    Established in 2017, Majouri is a company based in Paris and Damascus that was inspired by the roots of its founder Hadi Masmoum. Majouri's goal is to revive the Middle Eastern culture through fashion, perfumes and lifestyle. The Majouri fragrance collection will be made in France with one of the most famous French perfume houses, ensuring respect for all the elegance and refinement of its formulas. Majouris perfumes are inspired from the colourful streets of his homeland and the refined scents of France.

    Majouri blends the culture of an oriental art and a French know-how. The Pastel collection is inspired by the Damas Rose water Baghlava, one of the most popular pastry in Middle-East pastry tradition, which symbolizes the Majouri name. It is also a dedication to Majouri Farah, who was born in Syria in 1965 and settled in France, who harbored his passion for perfumes and French pastries since he was a child. Created in 2018 for women, Majouri Pastel brings a shared memory made with delicacy and refinement to offer this unique scent .

    Majouri offers great perfumes, inspired by the Syrian style, with the French know-how. We create a personalized perfume blend that is protected by an international patent. We are proud of our french-syrian roots and aspire to connect the cultural crossroads that made the French perfumery a mainspring in the world fashion and global perfume industry. Majouri perfume workshops are located in the outskirts of Paris, near Grasse, which is since centuries an European hub for this type of artistic industry.