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Fleur De Sable EDP

Fleur De Sable EDP

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Liquides Imaginaires
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    Product Description

    Fleur De Sable EDP by Liquides Imaginaires

    Concentration: Eau de Parfum

    Size: 100 ml

    Product Description:

    Sometimes, the most beautiful things in life cannot be seen with the human eye. This collection is inspired by the impossible beauty found in illusions, the startling weave of patterns and color that are created when light reflects on water. The results portray a dream-like take on ethereal florals and spicy essences. Fleur de Sable (flower of sand), a fog-like scent that evokes desert landscapes. These precious liquid jewels mix floral and spicy notes to create a nostalgic fragrance that is both classic and sensual. Fleur De Sable by Les Liquides Imaginaires is a fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Fleur De Sable was launched in 2019. The nose behind this fragrance is Amelie Bourgeois. The result is a mysteriously radiant scent that remains long after your departure.

    Recalling the colorful, resourceful past of fleur de sable, the House presents a collection of fine fragrances manufactured in limited quantities and available seasonally only. The eglantine rose is awash with fruit; the myrrh enlivens with a resinous warmth; paprika mingles with wood to form an aromatic bridge between earth and air; mandarin orange and pink pepper enthrall, generously hosting unexpected nuances in their dulcet sphere; orris root fulfills a delicate, almost smiling role in its mellow lightness; and black pepper glitters with clear, piercing accents. 

    Imaginaire is a collection of ten fabulous accord oils in beautiful crystal bottles. Each one is inspired by a dream, an image, or a spell. Open each bottle and evaporate their imaginary scents and dive into their world of marvels. Their twisted femininity will warm and move you. These sexy voluptuous oils invite you to embark on an olfactory journey where your body and soul will meet sensuality on all levels.

    Key Notes:

    • Eglantine Rose, Myrrh, Paprika, Mandarin Orange, Pink Pepper, Orris Root, Black Pepper

    About The Brand:

    It is in that vein that we explore new territories, with a view to fine-tuning our vision of contemporary perfumery. The brand discloses and blurs surprising oppositions between the abstract, the concrete, and the hybrid by means of a unique olfactory concept. In an age when sensory seduction is achieved by any means, Liquides Imaginaires proposes an accessible, original and affordable way of reconsidering perfume without being based on any aesthetic or historical priority.

    Liquides Imaginaires was created with the aim of reviving the perfume ceremony, which had been disappearing in the 20th century. The bottles for Liquides Imaginaires' fragrances are designed to be mysterious and enclosing the genius of perfume within, like an amphora, as well as exceptional and precious objects made with the expertise of craftsmen. Each fragrance is in a completely unique bottle that is designed to recreate a different atmosphere and charm, like an amphora. The bottles are all hand-blown by craftsman from Lalique.... an essential aspect of Liquides Imaginaires.

    These fresheners introduce us to a universe of olfactory sensations. In this world, imagination plays its own tune. The creations are inspired by the talent of two great perfumers, who have been working together at labs in Grasse for many years. Their open-minded approach to perfume-making brings together fragrances, textures, colours and emotions in order to create unique, sensory experiences. These fragrances are available for man and woman.

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    Fleur De Sable EDP

    KWD 64.750

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