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Fleur de Cabotine Gift Set - 2 Pcs

Fleur de Cabotine Gift Set - 2 Pcs

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    Fleur de Cabotine Gift Set - 2 Pcs by Gres for Women

    • Eau de Toilette 100ml
    • Body Lotion 200ml

    This Cabotine Fleur Edition perfume by Parfums Gres is a fresh and green floral scent created by Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Jean-Claude Delville. The opening notes are a shimmering sweet blend of violet-tinged mignonette, syringa and mandarin orange. As the fragrance begins to warm on the skin, bright, herbaceous florals emerge, mingling the powdery tones of pink peony and orchid with lush nuances of lily and cactus flower. Apply fragrance in the creases of your skin and neck for a longer-lasting, stronger scent. After applying, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin. This breaks down the fragrance, causing it to wear off more quickly. If you prefer placing fragrance on your wrists, be sure to reapply after frequent hand-washing, as this tends to rinse off the scent.

    Key Features:

    • Ideal for a variety of occasions
    • A fragrance that has been widely accepted
    • It's light, refreshing, and can be applied often
    • Fragrance to make it last longer

    Key Notes:

    • Top Notes: Mignonette, Syringa, Mandarin Orange
    • Heart Notes: Cactus Flower, Lily, Orchid, Peony
    • End Notes: Nectarine, Musk, Heliotrope

    Benefits of Body Lotion:

    • Re-hydrate dried skin
    • Replenish extra dry or rough spots on the skin
    • Smooth calluses
    • Feel and smell good
    • Help yourself relax
    • Soften the roughest parts of your body
    • Make your skin glow

    About Gres:

    Madame Gres (nee Germaine Emilie Krebs) was born in 1903 in Paris, France. She desired to be a successful sculptor, but without a fruitful career, she soon switched to hat making that would take her into the world of womenswear. The first fashion house that she ran was "Alex Couture" which opened up in 1934, and was her shift towards couture . Madame Gres designed her gowns in the fashion of a sculptor directly on the bodies of her models. Very soon she became famous and her name became synonymous with elegance. Several years after marrying the famous painter Serge Czerefkov (1937), Madame Gres changed her name to Gres in 1942, as it was an anagram of Czerefkov and also his alias. Soon after they got married, her husband left France for French Polynesia and "forgot to return." During the German occupation of France, Madame Gres became a patriotic icon. Her first perfume, Cabochard , was created in 1958, after Madame Gres returned from a trip to India.

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    You're reviewing: Fleur de Cabotine Gift Set - 2 Pcs


    Fleur de Cabotine Gift Set - 2 Pcs

    KWD 11.500

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