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Stella Body Spray

Stella Body Spray

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    Stella by for Kids

    • Body Spray
    • 200 ml

    Stella body spray can help hydrate your skin and their light aroma will leave you smelling great and feeling fresh for the day ahead. As they only last for a few hours, you may want to re-spray throughout the day if you plan to use it as part of fragrance layering.

    Key Features:

    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Suitable for men
    • Leaves you with a long-lasting fragrance

    How to Use:

    • After shower for an extra freshness
    • Add it into the bath for a spa day
    • Spray it on pillowcases and bed sheets to provide a relaxing feel
    • Use it to refresh your wardrobe
    • Remove your shirt: men's body spray is more effective than the regular deodorant. Its important to use the spray on your body instead of just spraying on your clothes.
    • Spray to your upper body: Hold the spray can six inches (152 mm) away from your body. Press the spray button and spray your armpits, chest, and neck for only two to three seconds.
    • Apply the body spray once a day: In general, a body spray has a very strong scent. By applying it only once a day, you can avoid overloading your senses, and the senses of the people around you. You also want to avoid over-spraying since there may be negative health effects associated with using body spray excessively.

    Where to Spray:

    • First apply body mist on the sides of the neck
    • Then spray a little on your chest
    • Apply on both wrists

    About Stella:

    Perfumer Jaques Cavallier designed this exceptional scent for Stella McCartney, who released the fragrance in 2003. This versatile scent has moderate longevity and sillage. It is subtle enough for daytime wear yet holds interest enough for evenings out and special occasions. With so many wearing opportunities, this is a good choice for a signature scent, enchanting the wearer and garnering attention both day and night. 

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    Stella Body Spray

    KWD 5.000

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