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Dior Homme Shower Gel

Dior Homme Shower Gel

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Homme Shower Gel by Dior for Men

  • Shower Gel
  • 150 ml

Created for the modern and sophisticated man, Dior Homme blends, classic style with modern luxury. A unique scent based on iris and perfected by powdery, warm woods.

Key Features:

  • A luxurious, perfumed body cleanser for men
  • Gently cleanse impurities without drying out skin
  • Instantly pampers, invigorates body and spirit
  • Infused with a pleasant scent that awakens the senses
  • Suitable for all skin types

Tips on Shower Gel:

  • Shower gels have more lather as compared to soaps. In order to have more lather one has to do away with more than half of the soap bar. This could be an expensive affair. But this is not the case with shower gel as one gets more lather with little gel. It is easy on the pocket and good for the skin.
  • Your skin will feel clean and refreshed after using this shower gel. It does not cause skin problems even if more than one person uses it. Usually, they contain pumps through which one sprays the content or one just has to squeeze the bottle. This way germ does not rest on the container. Soaps when handled by too many people can get infected. In the case of soaps, it is advisable for a person to use a separate soap as it may cause skin diseases such as ringworm and dermatitis.
  • The shower gel not only contains ingredients that keep the dirt away from the body, but its aroma is such that germs keep away. This aroma keeps ones sweat odor away.

About Dior:

With the maintenance of the high-quality DNA of Geparlys, long-time expertise and knowhow, Geparlys captures the energy of all French women looking for elegance and refinement. Like threads unraveling acts of seduction, my most daring creations unveil your inner strength by playing with desire and fantasy.

The beautiful, elegant crystal bottle is an example of the traditional skills behind Geparlys perfumes. Our master craftsmen from the Saint-Louis crystal workshop, in the heart of Paris, fill each bottle with a perfume using a 400 year old method, a method that offers a unique product in which you smell both the contents and the crystal in perfect harmony.

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Dior Homme Shower Gel

KWD 29.500

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