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Aroma Shampoo

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Aroma Shampoo

Brand Dancoly
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Brand Dancoly
Product Description

Aroma Shampoo 1000 ml by Dancoly

Aroma Shampoo gently cleans your hair while maintaining the health and vitality of your scalp. Its special formula maintains oiliness and prevents dandruff, leaving the hair healthy and lustrous. With a combination of vitamins and herbal ingredients, this mild shampoo improves scalp health and prevents dirty buildup that can contribute to dandruff.

Your hair will smell sweet and look great no more dried, itchy or oily hair so enjoy a confident feeling every time you go outside. Also with regular use of this shampoo, your hair is less likely to be oily and greasy than before so you can manage your hair and how it looks better than ever.


  • This shampoo uses botanical extracts of rose and other essential oils to brighten and moisturize hair.
  • Aroma Shampoo (Dry and Damaged Hair) Based on a unique gentle formula.
  •  Gentle texture to the scalp works to prevent dandruff leaving hair healthy and shiny.

How To Use

  1. Wet hair and apply shampoo.
  2. gently working lather into scalp.
  3. Rinse out.

About The Brand

Dancoly is a natural cosmetic brand created and manufactured by Dancoly cosmetique. Gilles le Bret, its founder & CEO, has been engaged in scientific research and development for more than 30 years.

Dancoly Cosmetics is a botanic cosmetics company that provides customers with beauty products for continuing their pursuit of beauty. Dancoly's unique line of Doctor products are formulated after two decades of research at the Dancoly Companies. These products are used by celebrities around the world.