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Rose Oud EDP

Rose Oud EDP

Brand Alexandre J
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    Brand Alexandre J
    Product Description

    Rose Oud EDP by Alexandre J

    Concentration: Eau de Parfum

    Size: 100 ml

    Product Description:

    The Rose Oud EDP is inspired by the captivating and the luxury scents of this flower. The Rose Oud EDP possesses a mixture of romantic, passionate, feminine, and seductive scents. It is a floral oriental sweet fragrance. Rose Oud by Alexandre.J is a Amber Floral fragrance for women. Rose Oud was launched in 2012. The Rose Oud is a symphony for the senses which is perfect for an oriental powder type of woman.

    This fragrance is a surprising and complex blend of rose and oud notes crafted together to create a surprising and sensual musk. Rose Oud, the name itself indicates the combination of Rose and Oud. It's a dazzling perfume that offers both olfactory pleasures: an initial burst of citrusy freshness with raspberry, lemon and apple followed by scent notes rich in spice - saffron, patchouli and white woods; complemented by soft feminine tones of rose; finally closing in a warm and comforting base with vanilla and amber.

    Rose Oud by Alexandre J is a blend of rose and oud. The rose is the bloom, the women who brings warmth and joy, paired with the masculine woodiness of oud to create a hint of sensuality. Following on from the success of the original Rose Oud fragrance, comes this new version in an aluminum bottle. Presented in a vintage-style bottle with engraved roses on the cap, it is inspired by romantic Arabian oils of the past while providing the modern luxury of an elegant aroma.

    About The Brand:

    Alexandre.J reinvents the notion of fragrance. A creative object, it is not merely an aura that one carries with them, but rather an element that makes up their personal identity. Each bottle of fragrance is unique, handcrafted in total harmony with the creative process. Every piece is engraved with its number out of one hundred and bears the signature of each creator Alexandre.J has worked with."

    As an artist, Alexandre.J is all about decoration. He's obsessed by materials; he breaks them down, rearranges them, combines them with others to create unique decorations just like the architect he is. His creations transport you into another world.

    A fragrance brand born from a spark in the mind of its creator, Alexandre.J ventures to bring us pure, simple scents through his very personal prism. The result is 33 hypnotic, modern and unique perfumes with no frills added.

    Alexandre.J Perfumes - a stunning fragrance collection inspired by the vitality and individuality of renowned fashion designer Alexandre.J. Every fragrance is a unique blend of unexpected contrasts which create a signature that reflects the boldness, elegance and artistry of the designer's vision.

    Top Notes: Raspberry, Toffee, Lemon and Apple
    Middle Notes: Rose, White Woods, Saffron and Patchouli
    Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla and Amber