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Large Rushoush Collection

Large Rushoush Collection

KWD 20.000
Kunooz Al Teeb
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    Large Rushoush Collection by Kunooz Al Teeb Home Scent

    • Type: Gift Set
    • Contents-
    • La Rose 450 ml
    • Secret 450 ml
    • Murouj 450 ml
    • Black Oud 450 ml

    Created in the tradition of the finest traditional perfume houses, Kunooz EDP by Kunooz Al Teeb is made with ingredients from all over the world. The commitment to excellence and craftsmanship goes into every detail of this scented gem. For millennia, Oud has been an integral part of Middle Eastern culture and a staple in Arabian perfume and traditional Arabian personal care products. Kunooz EDP is a perfume based on the concept of 'the oriental spirit'. It symbolizes the spirit of the human body, mind, and soul combined into one, which represents the power of existence.

    Key Features:

    • Ideal for a variety of occasions
    • A fragrance that has been widely accepted
    • It's light, refreshing, and can be applied often
    • Fragrance to make it last longer

    About Kunooz Al Teeb:

    Following the success of Alteeb, and with the support and trust of the leading department stores in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, Mr. Al Thufairi decided to establish a new perfume brand with a different concept and unique aroma, where he could experiment and share his talent with the world. Abdulaziz Al Thufairi Fragrance Collection is a distinctive set of exceptional artisanal perfumes. It features scents inspired by the Arabian culture and brought to life through the vision of visionary entrepreneurs. In 2001, he founded his very own house of perfume, He is pleased to present Kunooz.

    Dar Alteeb's mission is to lift your spirits with the freshest scents that will bring you back to an age where life was simple and beautiful. The magic of Dar Alteeb comes from its passion, its freshness, and most importantly, its honesty. Dar Alteeb's luxurious line of oriental fragrances are based on the memories of Arabia; they are inspired by red mana, Dar Al Shams (The Arabian sun), the prince of the desert, Mahar (the wetland of Arabia), and Dar Al Khaleej (the old city). 

    The Kunooz Al Teeb brings the magic of the Arabian Desert to your home. Using advanced technology and authentic fragrances, it immediately transports you through this breathtaking journey as you relax and unwind. This carefully designed collection of fragrances has an ultra-luxurious, superior quality and is created using a unique blend of Eastern and Western fragrances.

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    Kunooz Al Teeb

    Large Rushoush Collection

    KWD 20.000

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