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Miss Dior Cherie Hair Mist


Miss Dior Cherie Hair Mist

Brand Dior
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    Brand Dior
    Product Description

    Miss Dior Cherie Hair Mist by Dior

    Type: Hair Mist

    Size available: 30 ml

    Perfuming your hair is a gesture as delicate as it is evocative. It dates back to the dawn of time, the indication of a mysterious femininity. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. Miss Dior Hair Mist possesses true intensity while offering hair refreshing and protective benefits. Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally dresses the hair in a sensual trail.

    Hair mists are just what perfumes do for your skin. Specially designed for your hair, they spritz the right amount of fragrance without weighing your tresses down. These products are useful and can be used anytime you feel your hair needs a quick freshening up.
    How To Use:
    • To use your hair mist, simply shake the bottle first to activate the scent molecules. Lift up the roots of your hair and spray generously.
    • Then run your fingers through your hair and youre all ready to step out.
    • Hair mists can even be used on second day hair just use a dry shampoo prior to spritzing it on.