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Sarandeab's Touch Body Mist

Sarandeab's Touch Body Mist

KWD 8.000
Aldur Almanthoor
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    Product Description

    Sarandeab's Touch Body Mist by Aldur Almanthoor

    Concentration: Body Mist

    Sizes: 50 g

    Product Description:

    The beautiful fragrance of Aldur Almanthoor's Sarandeab's Touch, captures the magnetic charm that she exudes. The top note blends with her favorite fruits. The heart note showcases a bouquet of flowers. Anchored by a base of pure white musk, the clean and refreshing blend lingers on the body for hours.

    Undulating and vivid, beautiful and deep, voluptuous and sensual, these perfumes give pleasure to their wearer, the others standing beside her or him, and even those who breathe in the fragrance from a distance.

    As an elixir of purest White Musk, a gush of a fruity-floral bouquet is fully released by Aldur Almanthoor, a sinfully gifted alchemist whos been crafting perfume for 4 decades. Fruity-floral notes of sweet citrus and citrus peel, spring flowers and violet combined with the relaxing caress of seducing musk gracefully entwine to cast a magical spell on alluring sensuousness, peace and love.

    Key Notes:

    • Top Note: Fruits
    • Middle Note: Flowers
    • Base Note: Pure White Musk

    About The Brand:

    Aldur Almanthoor is a company based in the Middle East, known for its finest perfume and oud products, with a wide range of fragrance products that are sold across the world. We are specialized in selling rare incense, oud and gift oils that you would not find anywhere else. The products are given with care and are presented beautifully, given they are made from high quality ingredients. Our perfumes are available in different quantities for your convenience from small bottles to large amounts.

    Aldur Almanthoor Company Incense Sticks are handmade using the finest raw materials, the incense sticks are perfumed using the finest Middle Eastern Ouds. It is perfect for meditation, relaxation or just to have a nice smell in any special atmosphere.

    The founder, Aldur, is a seeker of extraordinary essences. He studies nature and its alchemy where he collects the essence of plants that grow between Dubai and Iraq, near the Persian Gulf. Aldur's laboratory is not like others. It's like a lost city, deep in the desert.

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    Aldur Almanthoor

    Sarandeab's Touch Body Mist

    KWD 8.000

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