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Aldur Manthoor Floor Fragrant

Aldur Manthoor Floor Fragrant

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    Product Description

    Aldur Manthoor Floor Fragrant by Aldur Almanthoor

    • Type: Floor Fragrant
    • Size: 1000 ml

    The Floor Fragrant Cleaner is a useful cleaner to clean your floor effectively. It kills germs and bacteria, leaving a wonderful fragrance behind. It gives unmatched shine and whiteness to the floors. It is safe to use on surfaces like ceramic, marble, granite, mosaic, etc. So go ahead and purchase this product online today!

    Key Features:

    • Removes tough stains
    • Leaves a pleasant fragrance


    • Vinegar naturally removes dirt and odor on surfaces. Essential oils freshen naturally and help preserve products.

    About the Brand:

    AlDur AlManthoor Perfumes is a company based in Kuwait specialized in oud & perfumes.