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Smooth Foot Peel

Smooth Foot Peel

ماركة The Face Shop
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    ماركة The Face Shop
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    Smooth Foot Peel by The Face Shop

    Product Type: Foot Peel

    Size: 240ml


    In a convenient spray bottle, a gentle peeling mist that exfoliates all skin types. The ideal product for anyone with rough skin on their body who wants an easy-to-use body peeling spray. It emits a fine, water-like mist that anyone with any skin type can use to exfoliate their entire body. The grain-based ingredients exfoliate and moisturize the skin, balancing moisture levels and aiding in collagen cell production.


    How to Use:

    • Shake before you use and spray evenly on foot areas that needs exfoliation.
    • Gently massage and rub over the sprayed areas.
    • Rinse with lukewarm water to wash away the rubbed out dead skin.