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Smile Foot Peeling Jelly Mask

Smile Foot Peeling Jelly Mask

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    ماركة The Face Shop
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    Smile Foot Peeling Jelly Mask by The Face Shop

    Product Type: Foot Mask

    Size: 40ml


    Simply lie back and relax while the gel-type foot mask exfoliates your feet! The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling mask is a disposable sock-shaped foot mask sheet that contains powerful moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, urea, and collagen to keep your foot skin moisturized and baby-soft, as well as refreshing peppermint oil to remove foot odor and ensure a fresh feeling.


    Key Features:

    • Use to gently exfoliate your feet to reveal smoother skin
    • Makes feet smooth and soft
    • Natural plant-derived ingredients soften rough skin
    • Removes foot odor
    • Ensures a fresh feeling

    How to Use:

    • Remove foot sheets from package
    • Your foot will easily slide through the opening. Peel off the sticker from the strap and wrap the strap around your ankle to adjust the foot sheets
    • Leave on for approximately 60~90 minutes.
    • Remove foot sheets and wash feet thoroughly until completely clean
    • Exfoliation will start from 4 to 6 days later. Allow dead skin to flake off naturally
    • Enjoy smoother feet 2 weeks later