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Rice Water Bright Facial Massage Cream

Rice Water Bright Facial Massage Cream

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    Rice Water Bright Facial Foaming Cleanser by The Face Shop

    • Product Type: Facial Cleanser
    • Size: 150ml


    Rice Water Bright, the king of cleansers from the Korean company TFS, is designed for hydration, clarification, and detox care. The complexion improves, the number of rashes decreases, and the skin shines with cleanliness and health with regular application. Rice extract facial massage cream.


    Key Features:

    • The cream is light, water-based, but there is a fat phase, thanks to which the massage turns into a real relaxation.
    • The skin after this procedure looks rested, refreshed, nourished, radiant.


    How to Use:

    • After done washing, take proper amount and spread to the entire face except for the eyes and mouth, then massage.
    • After massage for 3-5 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water.