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Profashion Plump Up Extra Hydrating Plumping Gloss

Profashion Plump Up Extra Hydrating Plumping Gloss

ماركة Pastel
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    SKU pastel-profashion-plump-up-extra-hydrating-plumping-gloss
    ماركة Pastel
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    Profashion Plump Up Extra Hydrating Plumping Gloss by Pastel


    • Product Type: Lip Gloss
    • Colors: N 201 - Royal,  N 202 - Loverdose, N 203 - Cotton Candy and N 204 - Spicy Sweet


    Key Features:

    • Pastel’s new plump up gloss is a hydrating lip plumper for fuller moisturized lips.
    • It has soft and glittery texture and is available in 4 colors to give your lips an effortless yet natural shine.


    About Pastel:

    Pinkar Company started in Istanbul in 1938 producing a variety of products such as cologne, baby powder, hair dyes, shampoos and skin care products. Hard work and planned growth led Pinkar to transition seamlessly into the beauty and makeup sector and introducing the Pastel brand in 1988. Pastel includes more than 450 cosmetic products for various uses and tastes up to date with modern fashion trends. In addition, Pastel products are vegan, cruelty-free, halal and paraben-free.

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