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Tattoo EDP


Tattoo EDP

ماركة Denzel
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    ماركة Denzel
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    Tattoo EDP by Denzel

    Concentration: Eau de Parfum

    Size: 30 ml

    Product Description:

    Inspired by a fine and sophisticated fragrance of the modern era, the Denzel Tattoo EDT is a sweet and spicy smell that is perfect for either gender. The Tattoo Edition has an interesting smell that works naturally on hair and skin without making it smell like some chemical concoction. It is perfect for people who love to walk out on the street and be noticed. 

    The people behind the brand are on a mission to bring fragrance back to its true concept, where it can express emotions and can be passion of life. Tattoo is an aromatic-fruity scent that represents the look at me side of you. Love your new spirit animal, just like Denzel did his. This is the Tattoo Edition, a Unisex Eau De Parfum for both genders to enjoy. Tattoo has top notes of pineapple, mandarin, bergamot and grapefruit, with middle notes of magnolia, jasmine and raspberry. Base notes are warm vanilla, amber and creamy woody notes.

    Denzel Tattoo Eau de Parfum is a sharp, flowery release for both male and female. The bottle is adorned with tattoos just like the one Denzel has in real life! A fragrance that compliments all day wear for either sex, although many would say that it is suited for women. Its not easy to create a masculine/feminine aroma, but Denzel have managed to do so with this scent.

    About The Brand:

    If you need to spend some time or relax, all you need is a great fragrance. Our designer is specialized in the world of fragrances and recognized as one of the leading specialists of French perfume. Denzel is a concept that represents a new fragrance experience, with top quality natural ingredients that create a perfume that draws inspiration from the most trendy styles. Each Denzel bottle is carefully handcrafted and contains unique elements to reflect our passion for innovation and originality. In addition, your new scent will be accompanied by a striking gift box as well as a surprise gift from our designer."

    Denzel is a highly luxurious French cologne made of the highest quality ingredients available. It is an experience like no other. The french perfumers at Cosmetics International ensure that this product is of the utmost quality. The cologne comes in an elegant rectangular shape with detailed handwriting on the cap. The cologne case, although simple, is made with the best materials to ensure it will last for years to come.

    When you choose a fragrance from the Denzel line, you make a choice that is as special as yourself. We've crafted Denzel with the finest of ingredients to create an exquisite collection of perfumes that both men and women will love wearing. Each of our fragrances features a harmonious blend of exotic nature-based materials, transporting you to a place where only the most luxurious indulgences matter. Our collection is dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled fragrance experience.

    Top Notes: Pineaple, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit
    Middle Notes: Magnolia,Jasmine, Raspberry
    Base Notes: Vanilla, amber,creamy woody notes