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Caviar Hair Treatment Set

Caviar Hair Treatment Set

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ماركة Dancoly
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Caviar Hair Treatment Set Mask 500 ml - Serum 50 ml by Dancoly

Our Caviar Hair Treatment Set is composed of two luxurious products, ideal for next-day hair after a visit to the hairdressers. The combination of these two products will define, nourish and moisturize your tresses for incredible volume. The secret of healthy tresses protected from harmful external aggressors. Added Bonus: This unique product is packed with extra strong anti-oxidants and vitamins needed to protect your hair from pollution and UV rays. Dancoly Caviar Hair comes in an exclusive limited edition bottle design to covey luxury and glamour all at once!

Ultra-concentrated Caviar Hair Treatment with Keratin Protein is at the heart of our incredibly successful product line. The unique blend of ingredients penetrates to the roots, nourishing your hair from within, creating health and vitality. Your hair will look gorgeous, feel amazing, and be in good hands when you make it a part of your daily regimen.


  • Deeply nourishes and strengthens hair fibers
  • Rehydrates and regenerates the scalp
  • Treats and repairs all kinds of damaged hair and restores its vitality
  • Protects hair from damage caused by environmental pollution,UVA/UVB rays and repeated washing

How To Use

  1. Add the serum and mask into a bowl and mix well
  2. Dab on hair from roots to ends
  3. Massage gently and thoroughly
  4. For best results, use steam or cover hair with a hot towel
  5. Leave in for 10-15 minutes
  6. After hair cools down, rinse thoroughly

Set includes:

1. Caviar Essence Hair Mask - 500ml
2. Caviar Essence Pearls Serum - 50ml
3. Spatula
4. Mixing Bowl

About The Brand

Dancoly is a natural cosmetic brand created and manufactured by Dancoly cosmetique. Gilles le Bret, its founder & CEO, has been engaged in scientific research and development for more than 30 years.

Dancoly Cosmetics is a botanic cosmetics company that provides customers with beauty products for continuing their pursuit of beauty. Dancoly's unique line of Doctor products are formulated after two decades of research at the Dancoly Companies. These products are used by celebrities around the world.