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Donna Born In Roma Yellow Dream EDP

SKU: 3614273261401

PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Valentino

44.500 KD

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Donna Born In Roma Yellow Dream EDP by Valentino

Concentration: Eau de Perfum

Size: 100 ml

Product Description:

The name says it all. Donna Born in Roma Yellow Dream EDP is a woman who radiates like the sun, electric and lively, seductive and mysterious. Donna Born in Roma Yellow Dream EDP brings that sunny radiation to life with an effervescent top note of Italian lemon, heart notes of warm damask rose, and base notes of white musk.

These are notes that make up this fragrance, but it's the result of blending these notes together that create magic under your nose. Below are the accords (scents) created in this scent, allowing you to experience it outside of its natural state.

A sexy women's fragrance bottle designed with the Valentino rock studs, transforming the classic into edgy and the traditional into modern. The Donna Born in Roma Yellow dream is a refined and refreshing floral scent with a floral-fruity top and a sparkling and soft heart.

About The Brand:

The house of Valentino is synonymous with glamour, sensuality and timeless elegance. Over the past 50 years the brand has enjoyed unrivalled success in the global fashion market, bespoke tailoring and ready-to-wear collections that are synonymous with luxury.

Valentino Garavani begins his eponymous line of luxury fashion in 1960s Hollywood after opening a small boutique on Rodeo Drive. Over the first few years, the designer's expensive and glamorous creations quickly become a favorite amongst celebrities and socialites, and help the brand quickly explode to international best-seller status.

Top Notes: Italian lemon
Middle Notes: Damask rose
Base Notes: White musk

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Donna Born In Roma Yellow Dream EDP

Donna Born In Roma Yellow Dream EDP

44.500 KD