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PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Robert Piguet

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Oud EDP by Marc Avento

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 100 ml

Product Description:

Oud is at once a heady, animalistic scent and a traditionally masculine aroma. Mark Avento's Oud is more refined than most, with just enough of the earthy, feral quality associated with oud to be alluring. an interesting juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary notes makes this an unusual, appealing perfume.

Mark Avento's Oud EDP embodies all the mystery of oud, which comes from the agarwood tree, this truly authentic oud fragrance is both modern and timeless, all about the warmth, richness and complexity of real oud. The base notes are kept discreet, but also add to the beauty of Oud EDP by adding sensuality, harmony and elegance.

Oud is my interpretation of the revered oriental wood for which it is named. This scent has depth and persistence, with warm spices enriched by exotic resins. Oud EDP captures the notes of a beautiful ingredient that’s been used by perfumers for hundreds of years. Popular in fragrances for men and women, it’s a classic middle note with a dry, woody scent that’s been described as smoky, leathery, and even incense-like. One sniff, and you’ll see why thousands of perfumers have been drawn to this ingredient.

About The Brand:

Marc Avento is an exclusive Parfume brand for both women and men. With the use of only the finest ingredients. Marc Avento Perume leaves you feeling thoroughly cleansed and refreshed like no other men's product on the market today.

Marc Avento is an artisan perfumer who studied in London where he began making the finest perfume oils which are used in his perfumes today. Drawing together inspiration from any number of cultures and historical eras, each signature scent reflects Marc's commitment to creating the perfect fragrance.

Top Notes: Agar tree oud

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39.500 KD