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Princess Set

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VENDOR: Princess

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Princess Set by Princess

Gift Set Includes:

  • Princess Eau de Toilette 100 ML
  • Manicure Kit

Product Description:

Princess Eau de Toilette 100 ML

With our Princess Eau de Toilette, children can imitate the irresistible scent of the famous Disney princesses. This kids perfume by Princess has a fresh fruity scent. The fragrance is award-winning and was made for girls who dream of being a princess themselves.

Treat your little princess with this sweet smelling pink perfume. With a pretty fairy-tale design and a classic princess theme colors, she will absolutely love this kids perfume which comes in the shape of a perfume bottle. The princess manicure set is designed to captivate your young ones attention and add up to their fun time. And it comes with everything they need to take care of their hands, including nail polish, nail polish remover and cuticle pusher.

When you're little, everything is a fairy tale. Shimmery pink, with sparkling jewels and fairies hidden all over the place, this Eau de Toilette is designed for children who love to dream. A yummy mix of fruits and flowers will make her smell as pretty as she feels.

About The Brand:

No wicked witches or glass slippers here. Instead, Disney Princess is a wholesome, sweet led by the likes of Cinderella, Belle and Ariel. It's fun for young girls to play with dolls that look like their favorite character from the movies. If your little princess has joined the fan club, see what else she's enthralled by in our costume choices and dress-up items.

Inspired by the powerful women in Disney's animated films, this collection is designed with your potential in mind. A high-quality sliding drawer ensemble features all of the most desirable Disney Princesses, with beautiful jewelry and dress-up options to discover inside. 

The Disney Princess fragrance collection is for ladies of all ages. The enchanting scents are inspired by the most famous fairy tales in the world. Each Princess fragrance has a signature texture that is felt in the bottle.

The tried and true scents of childhood are finally ready to make their debut in the form of Disney Princess Fragrance. We all remember the excitement we would feel when we found one of these princess-themed products under our Christmas tree or in our Easter basket. Now, thanks to this elite collection, fans old and new.

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Princess Set

Princess Set

5.000 KD