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Seminalis Parfum

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VENDOR: Orto Parisi

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Seminalis Parfum by Orto Parisi

Concentration: Parfum

Size: 50 ml

Product Description:

Orto Parisi is one of the most creative minds in perfumery. His striking, striking mixtures of scent are beloved by lovers of high-end fragrance everywhere- so when he created Seminalis for his collection, it had to be something extraordinary. Succumb to its sensual, resinous vibe- this isn't your usual spritz, folks.

Open to a world where nature meets culture in a bouquet of scents. Aromatic, fresh and intimate, Seminalis Parfum transports the meditative quality of incense with woody extracts from woods such as cedar, patchouli and sandalwood, lying on a background of musky leather to which add sweetness from vanilla and sugar.

First released in Milan in 2002, Seminalis made a powerful entry on the world stage and has since become one of the most successful and intriguing men’s fragrances. For its next foray, Orto Parisi turns up the heat and creates a fragrance that is deceptively sensual and intellectually provocative. The bottle is inspired by Alessandro Gualtieri’s paintings of the Renaissance period with its crystal-clear effect and minimalist wooden cap, which perfectly complements the scent inside. This new creation has something for everyone.

About The Brand:

Orto Parisi was born when Alessandro Gualtieri, the founder of Nasomatto, was growing in his grandparents' garden in Puglia in the south of Italy. Orto Parisi's inspiration came from this special place where he spent hours during his summer holidays playing in the aromatic herbs and flowers in the kitchen gardens with its wooden beams and antique furniture. This place belonged to Mr Parisi who gave him his first lessons of perfumery and introduced him to the codes of Italian Piacentine style, rich in elegance and preciousness.

Top notes : lactone
Middle Notes : carnation, lily of the valley, raspberry
Base Notes : cedar, leather, patchouli, sandalwood, sugar, vanilla

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Seminalis Parfum

Seminalis Parfum

58.000 KD