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Tiger's Nest EDP

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PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum


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Tiger's Nest EDP by Memo

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 75 ml

Product Description:

Tiger's Nest was launched in 2018. Tiger's Nest is a warm, slightly powdery, resinous scent reminiscent of the Nepal Himalaya. Described in the past as "volcanic", this Eau de Parfum has a balance of sweet and floral notes with an impressive herbal heart, making it one of the most original perfumes ever created.

The intoxicating scent of a decadent absinthe with a flash of aldehyde and a drop of lime. As the green notes simmer down, the spicy bite of safran, warm osmanthus and smooth ylang-ylang unfold. Wood notes come out to play as the absinthe accord reveals an animalistic side. The most handsome of them all, papyrus is infused with natural woods.

Tiger's Nest EDP by Memo is a Unisex fragrance that was created to invoke the sense of happiness and joy one feels when they find themselves in a beautiful, peaceful place called Tiger's Nest Monastery. As you step foot on the ash-white marble floors and walk through the doors into a sun-lit room with a distant view of a thousand waterfalls cascading over a mountain range where a peacock is resting in a tree you will feel your worries slip away while real, tangible feelings of joy and happiness wash over you.

About The Brand:

John and Clara Molloy, the founders of Memo Paris, met on a chair lift. The Irish countryside and Andalusia where Clara was born became a source of inspiration for the love of travel and adventure that inspired their collection of fragrances. The result is a series of perfumes where the scent of the world is moulded into a fragrance for the modern day adventurer.

Inspired by travel and discovery, Memo Paris embraces individualism and the power of personal expression. With their beautifully crafted fragrances, Memo Paris helps you to create your own personal scent that is unique to you. With recipes that combine traditional methods with modern fragrance notes, time-honored traditions are brought to life in your fragrance. Each of the five scents tell a story of their own.

The style is clean and whimsical. Each fragrance is formulated with the finest ingredients and manufactured according to the highest standards to create a collection of scents like no other. The bottles are whimsical and meant to tell a story. Full of vibrant color and rich texture, each bottle has been handmade in Murano by artisan glass artisans, creating a unique piece that is as much art as it is scent.

Top Notes: Oil of absinthe, Aldehyde, Lime, Amber, Safran, Incense absolute, Osmanthus, Ylang ylang, Rose, Papyrus, Vanilla, Balsam of Tolu

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Tiger's Nest EDP

Tiger's Nest EDP

84.000 KD