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Gucci EDT

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PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Toilette


24.500 KD

50 ml
90 ml
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Gucci EDT by Gucci for Men

  • Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Sizes: 50 ml and 90 ml

Gucci Cologne is a manly woody chypre cologne made particularly for men. It's an astounding alternative for men who appreciate the fresh outdoors or for the individuals who basically appreciate possessing an aroma like they've gone for an invigorating walk through nature. Gucci Cologne was intended to be an ideal complimentary ally to Gucci by Gucci fragrance for women. The fragrance is intensified by the warmth of your own body. Apply to your skin and neck for a longer-lasting, stronger fragrance. After applying, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin to keep that signature scent going strong all day. Avoid putting fragrance on clothing as this often washes it away after a few wash cycles. If you prefer placing fragrance on your wrists, be sure to reapply after washing your hands frequently as this tends to rinse off the scent.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for a variety of occasions
  • A fragrance that has been widely accepted
  • It is light, refreshing, and can be applied often
  • Fragrance to make it last longer

Key Notes:

  • Top notes: Citrus Bargamia,Violet,Cypress
  • Heart notes: Jasmine,Tobacco
  • Base notes: Amber,Elemi Resin,Frankincense,Patchouli

About Gucci:

Gucci is an iconic Italian fashion house, revered for its luxury leather goods, stylish ready-to-wear collections, and distinctive jewelry. But the label's origins lie in humble beginnings. Guccio Gucci started the business in Florence in 1921, crafting fine leather goods. A few years later he set up a small shop in London under the name of Gucci, with the now iconic double G logo carefully crafted by an engraver. Gucci's famously smooth leather designs are evident in every piece the brand creates.

Gucci is a symbol of high quality and attention to detail. Its dynamism is reflected in one of the world's most famous brands, a unique universe where each item is a piece of art with up-to-the minute designer details. Headquartered in Florence, Gucci is the only family-owned major Italian luxury brand. The creative heart of the house is in Florence, where everything from initial product design to the final touches on leather goods takes place.

The magic of Gucci's creations lies in the care devoted to every detail, the love of the women who wear them, and their ability to reveal a woman's personality. The secret of its unique metamorphosis is an attitude that combines, with flair, the different facets of Gucci's style: urbanity, sophistication, subtle provocation, but never ostentation.

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Gucci EDT

Gucci EDT

24.500 KD
50 ml
90 ml