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Tempo EDP

SKU: 3700431415646

PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Diptyque

62.000 KD

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Tempo EDP by Diptyque

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 75 ml

Product Description:

Tempo Eau de Parfum by Diptyque is a modern feminine scent. Modern and natural; spicy and fruity; luminous and mild; soft and sensual, this fragrance is the perfect balance of contrasts. Tempo EDP embodies an assertive woman who can be both self-sufficient and feminine. Tempo by Diptyque is a Aromatic Spicy fragrance for women and men. Tempo was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Pescheux.

Diptyque Tempo Eau de Parfum opens with a sparkling cocktail of mate, clary sage and pink pepper before segueing seductively into its sensuous middle notes. A floral bouquet of violet and bergamot adorn the base while patchouli lends it an animalic touch a tribute to patchouli lovers everywhere. It's the perfect way to sample this modern version of the lush, earthy aromas of yore. Made with three patchouli extracts from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, it's versatile enough for all occasions.

Tempo is an elixir that celebrates the passage of time as well as those fleeting moments of both joy and sorrow. A perfume to define a woman's senses, to express her femininity and sensuality, to celebrate her spirit and affirm her make-up: this is the universal ode to a woman Eau de Parfum designed for all women. The EDP version of Diptyque's classic, Tempo. The bottle is inspired by the violin's box.

About The Brand: 

Diptyque is a French perfume house which was founded in 1961. Diptyque strongly believes in the olfactory power of their products to create individual atmospheric experiences, both for the users and people they meet. Their scents are created with an incomparable blending of ingredients, with no compromise on quality or aesthetic care. This luxury product has 210 different scents and we carry some of their most popular ones such as Vanille, Rose, and Bois de Ceder.

Diptyque's exquisite fragrances are made with the finest natural essences and rare ingredients, and a subtlety that turns a scent into a memory. Diptyque distinguishes itself from other fragrance houses by placing a singular focus on olfaction, with a far-reaching influence on art, design, fashion, and culture.

Diptyque produces a collection of scented candles, diffusers, soaps and body care products. Diptyque Paris home fragrance diffusers are made of glass and wood with a hand- dipped beeswax candle which is a sophisticated blend of a mixture of natural plant waxes and essential oils. Each scent was specially created by the perfumers at Diptyque in Grasse. The company still has its laboratory on site today which allows their perfumers to create new fragrances from their own blend of aroma-chemical compounds.

Top notes: Patchouli, mate, clary sage, pink pepper, violet, bergamot

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Tempo EDP

Tempo EDP

62.000 KD