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Classic EDP

SKU: 3346131400034

PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Denzel

11.500 KD

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Classic EDP by Denzel

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 30 ml

Product Description:

Discover the exclusive world of fragrance at privee edp by design house Denzel. Each unique scent combines exceptional materials to create an elegance, quality, and depth of aroma that allows you to express your true self. Designed for the discerning man or woman in search of a unique fragrance, each one features all of Denzel's quality craftsmanship in combination with exceptional ingredients including real gold and rare woods.

Classic Eau de Parfum by Denzel is a luxurious scent that floats effortlessly from season to season. Inspired by the fresh scents of summer, this fruity floral blend of peach, iris, lilac, and woods is perfect for showing off your radiant style on any occasion.

The Classic EDP is a Unisex Eau De Parfum that can be enjoyed by both sexes! It's a premium quality release from Denzel, a brand that has a variety of fragrance ranges with seasonal and limited edition collections. A release for your moments of nostalgia which will help reach back to the retro classical elegance. Our Classic EDP perfume gives you all the classic Denzel elegance in an elegant, classy bottle. This perfume is perfect for everyday wear.

About The Brand:

Denzel's focus is on delivering the best in class premium fragrance. The only the finest ingredients are used to craft the unique fragrance of Denzel. From France, the highest quality is used to make this exquisite scent. The finest perfumers make every product with their top notch skills and expertise. Experience exceptional fragrance and knowledge. Test out our products today and you will discover a new world of scent and taste.

Denzel is an artisan company manufacturing speciality perfumes that are created by hand in small family-run distilleries. The traditional methods of extraction are used to preserve the natural ingredients derived from the flowers, herbs and plants of the Mediterranean region. Denzel home fragrances are made using natural essences, for the perfect balance between high quality materials and specialties.

Fragrance is a crucial aspect of a person's overall appearance, and is as individual as a fingerprint. Denzel fragrances are created using only carefully selected, exceptional materials. Using the same know-how from making fragrances for celebrated figures throughout history, Denzel fragrances have been created to create a unique signature that will complement the wearer's scent and persona, whilst also remaining distinguished and elegant.

Top Notes: Peach, iris, lilac, sandalwood

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Classic EDP

Classic EDP

11.500 KD