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Baldessarini EDC

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PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Cologne

VENDOR: Baldessarini

16.500 KD

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Baldessarini by Baldessarini for Men

  • Concentration: Eau de Cologne
  • Size: 75 ml

Baldessarini Eau de Cologne Concentree by Baldessarini, a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men, is a new fragrance. This scent was launched in 2019. Top notes are Tangerine and Lemon Blossom; middle notes are Patchouli and Caraway; base notes are Musk, Resin and Sandalwood. Reapply it on the back of your neck and places on your skin for a stronger scent. After applying, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin. This breaks down the fragrance, causing it to wear off more quickly. If you prefer placing fragrance on your wrists, be sure to reapply after frequent hand-washing, as this tends to rinse off the scent.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for a variety of occasions
  • A fragrance that has been widely accepted
  • It's light, refreshing, and can be applied often
  • Fragrance to make it last longer

Key Notes:

  • Top Notes: Tangerine, Lemon Blossom, Mint
  • Heart Notes: Patchouli, Caraway
  • Base Notes: Musk, Resin, Sandalwood

About Baldessarini:

Baldessarini is a German fashion label founded by Werner Baldessarini in 1993. Born in Austria to parents of Italian descent, Baldessarini entered the fashion world through the retail end, eventually becoming a buyer and joining the Hugo Boss AG corporation. A former chief designer and member of the Board of Directors for Hugo Boss, Baldessarini founded his own line as a luxury label. The label showed its first collection of menswear in 1994. The first face of Baldessarini was Charles Schumann, the famed bartender who wrote a popular book on cocktails. Schumann's rugged and distinctive appearance was perfect for the company's first fragrance, Baldessarini by Baldessarini, which was launched in 2002 and won two FiFi awards in 2003—a first for a German designer. A series of successful men's fragrances were launched in the early 21st century, bearing the slogan "Separates the men from the boys" and advertised by Schumann through 2009, when the new face, Werner Schreyer, first appeared in the campaign for Strictly Private.

Fragrances in the collection were originally produced in conjunction with Procter and Gamble, and the license for Baldessarini fragrances was acquired by Maurer & Wirtz in November 2011.

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Baldessarini EDC

Baldessarini EDC

16.500 KD