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Rose Pompon EDP

SKU: 711367107133

PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Annick Goutal

55.000 KD

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Rose Pompon EDP by Annick Goutal

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 100 ml

Product Description:

Rose Pompon is a floral fragrance with a fruity twist for women introduced in 2018. A critical component of the classic rose perfume has always been the Rose Geranium. Annick Goutal's new Rose Pompon features a harmonious blend of Damask and Centifolia roses in combination with an assortment of violet and fruity scents. Translated, "Rose Pompon" means "daisy," but in its fresh, modern context this word simply conveys an understated yet elegant manner. This is a rose with style.

Come play, Annick Goutal's Rose Pompon. The scent story of this classic is to awaken the senses with the freshness of grapefruit accompanied by a touch of raspberry sweetness that makes way into the heart of the composition. Notes of Damask rose are contrasted with violet, hedged by the sensuality of vanilla notes. The fragrance blossoms at nightfall, softly enveloping your senses with its enchanting voice wrapped in a provocative, hazy aura.

The beautifully-scented white rose has been cultivated in English gardens for more than 400 years. It is a symbol of good fortune and was traditionally associated with the month of May, which we associate with Youth. The name Pompon comes from the Medieval Latin pampinus meaning 'twig', and refers to the long stems and the characteristic way in which their petals are arranged.

Escape the ordinary and be transported to a world of sweet, delicate florals with Rose Pompon Eau de Parfum, an ethereal fragrance that exudes femininity and chicness. The rose in this perfume is bright and elegant. As it evolves, the rose lifts from its gentle beginning to take on a sophisticated maturity. And yet, throughout its development, there's always something new. Exuding femininity and chic.

About The Brand:

When Annick Goutal created her first perfume in 1980, she did not know that it would become the symbol of an era. Each formula is an emotion believed to be the foundation of women's seduction. She created couture perfumes that spoke to women, translated into every key in the scale. Annick remained faithful to her creative formulary guidelines: no alcohol, pure essential oils and essences exclusively selected for their sensual quality. Each perfume was the result of lengthy research, originality and elegance.

With a combination of nature, dreams and mystery combined with a romantic universe, the Annick Goutal perfumes bring a breath of fresh air both to your body and soul. Each fragrance is a universe in itself. Annick Goutal perfumes are all named after aspects of nature: Roses for example, Heliotrope, Lotus and Violet. In addition to the eau de toilette, Annick Goutal also produces l'eau parfume, which has been created from pure rose-hip extract from Morocco and rose water from Turkey.

Today the House continues to emphasize Annick's connection with nature, with each fragrance representing a facet of her personality or inspirations. Her collections continue to be among the most sought after in the world. Her piece de resistance, L'Eau d'Hadrien, is still sought after today. It's rare, intoxicating scent will both thrill and captivate anyone lucky enough to wear it.

Top Notes: Grapefruit and Raspberry
Middle Notes: Damask Rose and Violet
Base Note: Vanilla

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Rose Pompon EDP

Rose Pompon EDP

55.000 KD