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Lyric EDP

SKU: 701666111917

PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Amouage

78.000 KD

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Lyric EDP by Amouage

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Size: 100 ml

Product Description: 

Welcome to the world of rare and exceptional perfumes. Lyric is a citrus floral chypre inspired by the legend of the calligrapher Lyric, born as a poem to nature. In Arabic, Lyric naturally becomes "Ubaydah", which translates as "the essence of beauty". Lyric, as he was called by friends and family, was a man from foreign lands. Favoured by Caliphs and revered by royalty, he moved through life with elegance and grace only to be remembered only by his name: Lyric.

Our newest addition to the Lyric Collection is a fresh modern composition, evocative of the scent of rain on dry soil. Lyric EDP opens with zesty top notes of bergamot and lime that give way to heart of rose, ginger, saffron, orange blossom, nutmeg and galbanum. Base notes are composed of musk, incense, pine tree and sandalwood with a hint of vanilla. Lyric EDT has attracted great attention from perfume aficionados around the world for its minimalist design as well as its scent as it is bottled as a collection.

Beneath a new modern iteration of the iconic, geometrically-shaped bottle designed by Karim Rashid, a composition of new and long-adored Amouage signatures create a powerful yet delicately nuanced experience. The three dimensional rendering on the bottle symbolizes the structure of a flower rising from a vase, while the modern font on the outer glass surface echoes Amouage elegantly locking in the traditional manner. It was created by the famous house of Amouage and packaged in a simple yet elegant bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals.

About The Brand:

The Sultan's dream of establishing a perfume house in the Middle East was fulfilled on September 1, 1983 when Amouage was born. The House of Amouage creates scents and fragrances with the use of the finest oils and essences from around the world and combines them with their unique Arabian heritage and tradition.

The name Amouage reflects the love and passion that goes into each perfume, as well as the blending of the finest natural ingredients from around the world. It is a name derived from an Arabic term of endearment that means "my fragrance".

With its incomparable range of fragrances from the world's leading perfumers, Amouage offers a refined and sensuous expression of luxury. Each scent is a glimpse into the Orient with classical names inspired by the days of Middle Eastern empires, historical texts and poems.

It is a wonderful story, but the real key lies in the natural ingredients and the perfumers responsible for creating these luxurious Arabian scents. Arabian tradition has been reinvented to meet global expectations for a superior quality in a scent. It is a tradition that continues in an unwavering direction to this day.

Top Notes: Violet Leaf, Rosemary and Bergamot
Middle Notes: Orris, Olibanum, Myrhh, Labdanum, Amber and Vanilla
Base Notes: Leather, Agarwood (Oud), Sandalwood, Patchouli and Cedar

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Lyric EDP

Lyric EDP

78.000 KD